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If you browse Google and your search results redirect you to, be aware that your system is being attacked by a browser hijacker, and you should hurry up to install software, which could remove this tricky cyber criminals’ implementation right away. Browser hijackers are computer infections, which change web browser settings to create larger traffic to cyber criminals chosen sites, and in case there is a high chance that the infection is part of the Google Redirect Virus, Read more »

Google Redirect Virus

You can be exposed to computer malware infection even when you are performing a search on an internet. Google Redirect Virus is malicious software that targets Google search engine. When you are infected with this malware your search results get forcefully redirected to malware-related websites, that you usually offering you to purchase rogue security products. Read more » is a malicious domain and website designed to promote and distribute the rogue anti-spyware program Green AV. uses deceiving and misleading web pages to entice computer users to download and purchase the Green AV application. Read more »