Police Lock Virus Gimemo

What is Police Lock Virus Gimemo?

It seems that cyber criminals behind FBI Moneypak infection are spreading out, as computers all around North America and Europe are being locked by supposed “authorities”, following the example of the initial U.S. infection. The devious scam is based on the trust that people tend to have in national importance authorities, like Federal Bureau of Investigation. Nonetheless, this piece of malware truly has nothing to do with national Police departments or guilds, defending author rights, and these names serve the sole purpose of tricking Windows users into thinking that they have gone beyond the laws, and that they should pay supposed copyright infringement fines. All in all, you need to rush to remove FBI Moneypak look-alikes, as it is the only way to regain your PC’s functionality.

The treacherous infection can be slipped inside a system through one of the many security loopholes, after which it can lock infected system up, completely paralyzing the user in front of it. The lock-up is then presented with a certain message, stating that a person has pirated music, and now has to pay the police, or other appropriate authorities, to be able to use a computer again. Below you can see how the same virus attacks different countries with divergent currencies:

Your computer has been locked.

Illegally downloaded music pieces (pirated) have been located on your computer.

By downloading, those music pieces were reproduced, thereby involving a criminal offense under Section 106 of the Copyright Act.

[…] To unlock your computer and to avoid other legal consequences, you are obligated to pay a release fee of £50.

  […] Para desbloquer o seu computador e evitar consequencias legais, e obrigado a pagar uma taxa de libertecao de €100.

  […] To unlock your computer and to avoid other legal consequences, you are obligated to pay a release fee of $100.

 These fake lock-up notifications allegedly come from the Metropolitan Police in UK, Portuguese Society of Authors (Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores) and Royal Canadian Mounted Police; however, there are more countries that are currently being plagued with the irritating infection. Note that all virus names are appointed to the names of allegedly notifying authorities:

  1. FBI Moneypak - (USA)
  2. PRS for Music virus - (England)
  3. GEMA virus, GVU virus - (Germany)
  4. AKM - (Austria)
  5. Virus SGAE - (Spain)
  6. SIAE virus - (Italy)
  7. SABAM virus - (Belgium)
  8. SPAUTORES virus - (Portugal)
  9. SACEM virus - (France)
  10. RCMP Ukash virus - (Canada)
  11. Elliniki Astunomia virus - (Greece)
  12. Buma Stemra Politie virus - (Dutch)
  13. SUISA virus - (Switzerland)
  14. Polisen OBS virus - (Sweeden)

The scam is obvious, and you should not believe that you need to spend your money to accelerate your system’s functionality. What you should do to regain your administrative privileges is to delete the infection with reliable automatic removal tools, which will be able to detect and delete even most secretive malicious application’s components. It is not recommended to have various devious forms of FBI Moneypak removed manually, because there is a high chance that you will delete wrong files, or miss infectious ones, which could potentially lead to another attack of FBI Moneypak schemers. If you come across any removal difficulties, be sure to leave a comment below, and we will help you as soon as possible.

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