SABAM virus

What is SABAM virus?

SABAM virus is a version of the latest treacherous virus which is produced in many different languages. The virus is categorized as ransomware, because it infects the machine, disables all processes of the system and displays a simulated warning encouraging a user to pay a fine so that the computer can again operate normally. The user is accused of storing illegally downloaded music, which results in the “freezing” of the computer.

 Illegaal gedownloade muziek stukken ("door piraterij verkregen") zijn gelegen op de computer.

Illegally downloaded music pieces (pirated) have been located on your computer.


The investigation is said to be carried out by SABAM (Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers), whereas, for example, the English version presents PRS (Performing Right Society). The warning notifies the user that downloads of copyright music breaks the law and that the violator may be imprisoned for up to 3 years. Moreover, according to the message, the computer on which the downloaded songs are stored may be confiscated.

 […]ook leiden tot de inbeslagname van de computer, waarmee de bestanden zijn dedownload.

[…] may also lead to the confiscation of the computer, with which the files were downloaded.

The virus is able to determine the targeted computer’s IP address and hostname, which makes the user believe that the infection is real and that it is necessary to pay the “ransom” to unlock the computer. The presentation of your IP address does not prove anything, and, instead of paying the fine, you should delete the SABAM virus form your PC.

 Een duidelijke identifcatie van uw persoon is met de hulp van uw IP-adres en hostnaam zonder problemen.

You can be clearly identified by resolving your IP address and the associated hostname.

It is highly advisable to remove the virus to unlock the PC, because if you pay the “fine” of €50, the system will still remain infected. The infection demands that the money should be paid via the SABAM’s payment partner Paysafecard, and once the fine is paid, the computer is said to be unlocked automatically. As this is a lie, delete the SABAM virus from your PC as soon as you can.

We recommend you use a spyware removal tool, because the manual removal of the infection may be insufficient. It is essential to delete all elements of the virus, because it may contain a file that can download malware and cause more damage to the system. Hence, leave the automatic removal to an antispyware application and make sure that your security tool is regularly updated to prevent this kind of incidence.


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