Cuerpo National De Policia Virus

What is Cuerpo National De Policia Virus?

Cuerpo National De Policia Virus is a variant of the FBI Moneypak ; hence, if you can log onto your PC but cannot perform any other actions and find an alert message in a yellow background, there is no doubt that your computer is infected with one of the FBI virus’ clones. Cuerpo National De Policia Virus is a Spanish version of the virus, and there are many other versions of the threat in different countries, including Poland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal,USA and others.

Typically, the Trojan bypasses all security applications and changes the settings of the system. The infected computer is incapable of running different programs or enabling the user to access the Internet. In other words, the machine is frozen, and it is said to be caused due to illegal material found on the PC. The bogus alert message claims that your computer’s IP address helped the police (Cuerpo Nacional De Policiá) track you down, because you are believed to have visited websites containing child pornography, bestiality and other immoral content. The Spanish text is given below:

[…] Desde su direccion IP bajo el numero fue efectuado un acceso a paginas de internet que contienen pornografia, pornografia infantil, zoofilia, asimismo como violencia sobre los menores.

Moreover, the holder of the victimized PC is accused of storing video material such as porn videos, child pornography, etc.test

[…] En su ordenador asimismo fueron encontrados archivos de vidoe que contienen pornografia, elementos de violencia y pornografia infantil.

The message that you find on the screen is bogus, and you should not wait to remove Cuerpo National De Policia Virus. Although you are told that you must pay a fine of €100 and unlock your frozen computer in this way, the best way to fix the issues is to remove the virus. Ignore the icons of Ukash and Paysafecard, which are actual online paying systems, pay not attention to the coat of arms of Spain at the top of the message, and do not think that the National Police Corps is trying to profit from unsuspecting computer users.

[…] Realizer el pago a través de Ukash and Paysafecard.

Your money is safe as long as long as you ignore the intimidating message pushing you to pay the ransom. Instead of thinking how to avoid punishment, remove Cuerpo National De Policia Virus with a reputable malware removal application.

The team recommends that you remove the virus with SpyHunter, which you can acquire in 4 easy steps:

1. Restart the computer.
2. Press F8 immediately after pressing the restart button.
3. Select Safe Mode with Networking.
4. In this mode, you should be able to access the Internet and download SpyHunter. (Visit

The antispyware will remove Cuerpo National De Policia Virus and fight new malware off. The program will also provide your PC with protection, which you should maintain by updating SpyHunter whenever a new update is available.

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