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Savings Vault Adware

Savings Vault Adware is a browser add-on that is supposed to help you shop around on the Internet. Technically it works just like InstantSavingsApp, Supreme Savings or Giant Savings Adware, all of which are developed by 215 Aps (or Innovative Apps). The plugin is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Internet browsers. It comes with a list of over a thousand online stores (including Expedia, Toys R Us, Petsmart) for which it can provide coupon deals, allowing you to purchase something at the best price. However, the utility of Savings Vault Adware is highly questionable, because users often complain that the plugin has been installed without their consent. Read more »



FileBulldog is a computer application for those who want to have the latest updates. It is said to help you receive updates to software, drivers and other applications; however, there is one drawback of this application. It has been found that FileBulldog has a toolbar which can be attached to the update checker and various free applications. Needless to say that a great number of computer users simply ignore installation wizards and finish the installation without even reading the license agreement of a program; consequently, they think that their computers have been altered without their permission. Read more »

EasyLifeSearch app

EasyLifeSearch app is a new program promoted by Conduit, and many Windows users download it from The application is compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers; however, researchers do not recommend installing it onto your personal computer. It would be unfair to say that the application is malicious; however, it can employ web cookies to retrieve information about your browsing habits. This is not illegal, and you should know about it, if you have read the Privacy Policy of the downloaded application. Nevertheless, it is your choice whether you want to run a program which can track your private information or not. Do you want to delete EasyLifeSearch app? Continue reading to learn more about the removal of this add-on. Read more »

Save Valet

If you have noticed Save Valet running on your browsers without your authorization, it might have entered alongside recently downloaded freeware. Regardless, you also could have installed the application from its official website, because the application is promoted as a tool which may help you “Discover deals from your favorite retailers”. Read more » is a website that you may find on all of your browsers after a careless installation procedure of freeware.  Researchers call this website browser hijacker because, if attached to a free program, it changes the home page and search engine. Consequently, specific results, which very often do not satisfy the user of the infected computer, are presented, including pop-up advertisements and links to unwanted websites. Read more » Redirect Redirect

Have your home page and search engine been changed to The website works as a portal to such popular sources as Facebook, eBay or YouTube and provides you with Google search. As research shows, links to these sites work correctly, and you should not fear being redirected to sites related to phishing scams. Nonetheless, it is questionable how browser settings are reconfigured to make the site your home page. Have you initiated this modification? Read more »

Default Tab - Search Results, LLC virus

Default Tab - Search Results, LLC virus

First of all, it is important to establish that Default Tab - Search Results, LLC virus is not a computer virus per se. It is a browser extension that comes with a search toolbar and a new search engine installed on your browser. Although Default Tab by Search Results, LLC  is not as malignant as ransomware or fake antivirus programs, it is still causes annoying problems, especially for the more adept computer users. If you do not find the search bar extremely useful, we also would highly recommend to remove Default Tab - Search Results, LLC virus from your computer, because this browser plugin definitely comes across as a potentially unwanted application. Read more » Removal Removal

If your home page has been changed to, there is no doubt that a suspicious browser plugin has been installed on all of your browsers. The add-on comes with bundled downloads and modifies some of your browser settings. It is notable that once the installation file (startpage.exe) of the plugin is activated, the modifications are applied to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers all at once. Besides the changed home page, the plugin also reconfigures your search engine and installs Desk 365 onto the PC. According to researchers, removal is quite complicated. Luckily, we are able to help you, and if you follow the manual removal instructions below, the plugin will be deleted and settings will be re-modified in no time. Read more »


Are your web browsing sessions redirected to, then it is possible that your Windows system has been hijacked by a malicious redirect virus. Also known as a browser hijacker, this infection can reconfigure your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome settings and modify the list of your Bookmarked or Favorite lists. It is easiest to determine the infection running on the PC if your home page and search engine have been switched to the site which offers online shopping services. Read more »

YA Search Toolbar

YA Search Toolbar

Do you know where YA Search Customized Web Search came from? Do you know how to reconfigure your browser settings so that the search engine of your IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers would accord with your own wishes? These are the main issues that computer users face when dealing with the removal of the so-called YA search Community Toolbar. The application is available from and it has been developed by Conduit Ltd. If you are on a lookout for a reliable and beneficial toolbar, you may have faced other Conduit products, including Mixi.DJ Toolbar or Widgi Toolbar. Read more »