Adaptive Spyware Detection and Removal Tool

  • Full-time protection against latest Trojans, rootkits and other computer infections.
  • FREE HelpDesk services for ultimate support.
  • FREE Custom Fix feature for specific malware removal.

SpyHunter Scanner (more)

SpyHunter is designed to fit the needs of both professional and novice users. SpyHunter incorporates advanced technology, which is broad enough to satisfy expert malware fighters, yet still sufficiently clear and straightforward for novice users to understand and use on a daily basis. A SpyHunter scan can be launched with a single click, at which the program will comprehensively scan the computer’s memory, registry, files, and cookies, and report infected items. After the scan has run to completion, infected items will be presented in an informative malware detection report.

You can choose to view detailed information on any of the detected infections, or to simply remove all detected infections with a single click on the “Start Remove” button. You can also selectively remove individual infections.

System Guards (more)

System Guards are another core feature of SpyHunter.This feature integrates essential protection components (Active X control, Registry protection, Process control) into a fully functioning system. System Guards work to actively protect your system from malware. The guards block any unauthorized processes from infiltrating your PC.

Using SpyHunter’s System Guard management console, you will be able to monitor and control all system processes, which allows you to decide which system processes can be executed on your system and which should be denied all privileges.

Spyware HelpDesk (more)

HelpDesk is a new SpyHunter feature that allows you to connect to our malware removal experts to help you remove any malware that SpyHunter could not automatically remove. The Spyware HelpDesk incorporates two unique services: the Custom Fix System and the SpyHunter Support Ticket System.

Both services, included with the full version of SpyHunter, are designed to help resolve any issues with the product, or with malware removal in general. The SpyHunter Support Ticket System allows you to bring your questions, comments, and support requests directly to our technical support team. The Custom Fix service allows a SpyHunter technician to create a customized malware fix for your PC to remove any malware that SpyHunter could not automatically eliminate.

Custom Scan (more)

Custom Scan allows you to scan only specific sections (Memory, Registry, Rootkits, Files or Cookies) of your computer, speeding up the scanning process.

BackUp (more)

All relevant files are carefully backed up by SpyHunter before any malware removal is done. With SpyHunter’s rollback feature you will be able to inspect the removed items, and restore any objects to their initial locations, if necessary.

Exclusions (more)

Exclusions Panel is a completely new SpyHunter’s feature, which comes hand in hand with the Backup. Using this service you will be able to exclude all of your system’s objects, which you do not want to be detected and removed as malware in the future. To list all of such items all you need to do is right click on the removed item in the SpyHunter results and choose “Add to Exclusions”. If you want to discard items from the Exclusions list, simply check the box next to the selected item and hit the “Remove” button.

General Settings (more)

SpyHunter’s Settings panel allows you to configure how SpyHunter updates, automatically starts, and prompts in various situations. To configure General Settings, use the Options panel:

Automatically check for updates: SpyHunter will continuously and automatically check for available updates. When an update is available, you will be prompted to apply it.

Automatically download and install definition updates: all available SpyHunter definition file updates will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Start SpyHunter Security Suite on Boot: SpyHunter will launch automatically, whenever you start your computer.

Start SpyHunter Scan on Boot: SpyHunter will launch and start scanning your computer automatically, whenever you start your computer.

Minimize Security Suite on startup: all SpyHunter’s real-time features will be running at full potential, even though the program will start in a minimized Window, appearing as an icon in your system’s taskbar.

Prompt if any important windows components are disabled: SpyHunter will prompt you, whenever malignant processes attempt to disable any essential Windows components.

Prompt if web content is used on desktop: SpyHunter will prompt you whenever active web content will be executed on your desktop.

Network Sentry (more)

Network Sentry, located in SpyHunter’s Settings, has been engineered to give you full control over the system networking settings, enabling you to prevent malware from compromising your Internet connection. In addition to protecting your HOSTS file, Network Sentry will also protect critical Windows system files against tampering.

With SpyHunter protecting the system, your chosen Internet Explorer homepage will be secured against hijacking, and your DNS servers will be safeguarded against any unlawful alterations, which will ensure that treacherous malware infections will not redirect you to malicious web sites.

Scan Scheduler (more)

In the SpyHunter Settings panel you will be able to control and configure the advanced Scan Scheduler, which enables automatic, pre-set (daily, weekly, monthly intervals), scanning, even when you are away from your computer.

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