West Yorkshire Police Virus

What is West Yorkshire Police Virus?

West Yorkshire Police Virus is another Ukash family infection that stands alongside another British residents targeting infection Metropolitan Police Scam or such international viruses as FBI Moneypak, Polícia de Segurança Pública Portuguese Virus, Buma Stemra Virus and various others. All of these devious programs work on the same basis of locking down targeted computers to force infected computers’ owners to pay a ransom of a considerably large sum of money. This report will show you the quickest way to remove West Yorkshire Police Virus; however, we firstly recommend taking a closer look at the devious infection.

After infiltrating your system with the cunning infection, cyber criminals will present you with a completely bogus notification that is supposed to trick you into thinking that Yorkshire Police have tracked down such illegal activities within your computer as pornographic or child abuse content videos on your PC. It is most likely that such accusations have no reason; therefore, there is no point for you to think that the reputable Yorkshire Police have anything to do with this allegedly legal computer’s lock-down or administrative privileges’ removal. See the fake notifications, rushing you to pay money to have your system unlocked:

Please wait, your data is being verified! […]
Your IP-address will be stored in our database. (If you go with your IP address back to pornographic web pages) and your case will be transferred to special task force for further investigation! […]Your computer was used for illegal purposes. Your Windows license number has been identified. […] Your Windows licensed number was involved in violation of the UK laws. Your IP address was used for the following illicit activities: visiting web pages of pornographic nature, including child pornography, sadomasochism and child abuse. As it has been determined that your computer contains videos of pornographic nature, child pornography, and child abuse, it is being blocked to prevent further violation of law. You will regain access to your computer after paying a fine of 100 pounds.

testWe can help you with the irritating system’s lock down, and we alert you that you should NEVER pay any money to schemers, even if they are hidden behind the respectable names of the Yorkshire Police, Ukash or Paysafecard.

Here is what you should do instead:

1. Restart your computer.
2. Keep hitting the F8 button on your keyboard.
3. Choose Safe Mode with Networking.

These three simple steps will not delete the virus; however, you should be able to access the web and acquire legal, automatic malware detection and removal tools that will have no trouble having West Yorkshire Police Virus deleted. If you want to remove the infection manually, AntiSpyware101 team warns you that the obnoxious application could be simply one of the many dangerous programs within your system, and only legal tools will be able to remove all of them from your computer!

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