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Blekko Virus

Blekko Virus is a computer infection categorized as browser hijacker. Blekko itself is a company that provides search engine service. However, the website comes with a number of affiliate sites that are being paid if they manage to foist on users the search engine. This scheme is especially useful for malware developers, as browser hijackers like Blekko Virus become instrumental in malware distribution. Therefore, it is rather troublesome that Blekko Virus resists being removed from your computer. Read more »

Remove Searchqu

Searchqu is a potentially unwanted software application (toolbar) that is classified as adware. It is not a virus and it does not corrupt your files. It functions as a browser extension and modifies your default Internet browser settings. Searchqu is a potentially unwanted software application because it is related to pop-up advertisements that might lead to infected websites. Read more »

HornyMatches Removal

Browser hijackers are particularly dangerous operating system infections that target computer owners through their Internet browsers. HornyMatches is on the most devious of the kind and this report will provide you with the necessary information about how dangerous this application is and why you need to remove it from your computer. Read more »

Remove Luxemil

Luxemil is a browser hijacker that infects users when they land on malicious websites. Also, it is common for Luxemil to come bundled with various types of shareware or freeware that user downloads from suspicious sources. The reason why this browser hijacker enters your computer is money. Luxemil generates a mass of pop-up advertisements and once a user clicks on them, he is redirected to websites affiliated with Luxemil, Read more »

CouponDropDown Virus

CouponDropDown Virus

If you are greeted with a notification “Never miss another coupon sale!” whenever you are browsing the Internet, there is no doubt that your PC has been infected with CouponDropDown Virus. The infection can be dangerous to computer owners using most popular Internet browsers including Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, and it can travel into operating systems via bundled downloads or misleading online advertisement. Read more »

Vuze Toolbar

Vuze toolbar is a browser hijacker that usually gets installed on a target computer together with Vuze BitTorrent program. It happens when a user goes through an installation process blindly, without checking what other programs get installed on his computer. Vuze toolbar is compatible with the latest versions of Windows, and can get installed on all main Internet browsers. Despite the fact, that Vuze toolbar looks like a useful browser extension, in reality it causes a lot of problems and needs to be removed immediately. Read more »

Firefox Redirect Virus

Firefox Redirect Virus is a compound computer infection that affects your browser and does not allow you to navigate the Internet the way you were used to. Firefox Redirect Virus can manifest itself as a browser hijacker or a complementary toolbar that you don't remember installing at all. When your Mozilla Firefox browser gets affected by this malware, your default homepage get changed and it is very likely that instead of accessing the default search engine page, you are forcefully redirected to malware-related search engines. Read more » Redirection Virus Redirection Virus virus) looks like a regular search engine; however, this plug-in is a malicious browser hijacker that could initiate multiple pop-ups to appear on your screen whenever you try to browse the web or use your personal accounts. The installation of this browser add-on does not require extensive authorization protocols, as it is most usual for this program to travel with bundled software. Read more » is a website that provides book readers with reviews of multiple books; however, it is also the name of a browser hijacker. The program gets into the system unnoticed and installs itself without the user’s consent, which means that the hijacker may appear in the Internet browser without any reason. However, there is a reason for it, and it usually happens because of insecure downloads from unsafe websites, whose contents are questionable most of the time. Read more »

Claro Search Malware

Claro Search Malware is an unwanted program which you should remove as soon as possible. This piece of malware modifies browser settings and redirects computer users to insecure websites to infect computers with more dangerous threats. Typically, this browser hijacker or unwanted add-on is not identified by anti-virus programs, because the malicious infection is regarded as a browser helper object and this is why it is not removed. Read more »