Buma Stemra Virus

What is Buma Stemra Virus?

Buma Stemra virus is nothing but a clones of the , GEMAPRS for Music, SABAM Viruses, and you may find it on your PC one day without any plausible reason. The Buma Stemra virus spreads on the Internet through Trojan:Win32/LockScreen.Cl and, once installed, restricts access to the system’s applications and does not allow to browse the Internet.

Depending on the targeted country, the threat presents a different institution related to authors and composers’ copyrights. In the case of the virus in question, Buma Stemra, an association protecting music authors and publishers, is presented as the leading investigator of the breach. If you find a warning saying that your computer will be unlocked once you pay the fine, ignore it, and delete the infection that displayed this bogus message.

The virus claims that the computer is locked because the police and Buma Stemra have detected pirated music on your PC.

Illegaal gedownloade muziek stukken ("door piraterij verkregen") zijn gelegen op de computer.

Illegally downloaded music pieces (pirated) have been located on your computer.

testMoreover, the virus threats you with the imprisonment of up to 3 years and the computer’s confiscation. Do not worry – you will not be pun in prison, because this notification is bogus, and you should ignore its content. It might be hard to resists the intimidation of the Buma Stemra virus, especially when you find that it can identify your IP address.

Een duidelijke identifcatie van uw persoon is met de hulp van uw IP-adres en hostnaam zonder problemen.

You can be clearly identified by resolving your IP address and the associated hostname.

More importantly, do not think that paying a fine of €50 will help you tackle the problem although the virus states that once the fine is paid, the computer is unlocked automatically:

Te betalen via onze betalingspartner Paysafecard.Na een succesvolle betaling wordt uw computer automatisch ontgrendeld.

Payable through our payment partner Paysafecard. After successful payment, your computer will be automatically unlocked.

Ignore the infection’s attempts to deceive you, because every single piece of information presented by the virus is simulated. If you want your computer to run properly, delete Buma Stemra from your computer at once. Use a reputable spyware removal tool to fully remove the virus, and every piece of the infection will be detected and removed effectively.

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