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Websearch.good-results.info is a search engine which you may be forced to use if you keep the system unprotected. The search engine may be set as your search provider and the home page of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer, so always read the terms of use or license agreement of the program that you want to install. Very often, such search providers as websearch.good-results.info hijacks internet browser accidentally, and if you want to prevent adverse results, including computer infections, be cautious whenever installing a program. Now, when your browser settings are changed, jump to the removal instructions below or implement a powerful spyware removal tool. Read more »


The operating Windows system should be guarded against malignant computer infections at all times. Stij.exe is one suspicious file that the authentic spyware detection and removal tools will find and delete in no time. Even though this component does not belong to a clandestine Trojan or a misleading fake anti-spyware tool, it is known that the file belongs to such controversial tools as SweetIM, IncrediMail and SmailBox. According to Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers, these applications have been developed by Perion Network Ltd; therefore, you could find the executable running alongside other company’s products (e.g. IncrediBar or SmileBox) as well. So should you delete stij.exe from the computer and is its removal completely necessary? Read more »


DssAgent/Broadcast, also known as Spyware:Win32/BrodcastDSSAGENT, is a malicious program which has been discovered accessing operating Windows systems with popular Broderbund and Learning Company products, all of which had been developed before 2002. If you have installed any of these programs and now your personal computer is running unbearably slowly, it is possible that your PC has been attacked by the malicious program. Even though the application may have been created as an updates mechanism, it certainly can initiate various dangerous processes. There is no doubt that you need to track and delete all of the malicious files related to the application. Please continue reading to learn more about DssAgent/Broadcast removal and the importance of this task. Read more »