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My Daily Verse XP

If you study the Bible daily, extensions like My Daily Verse XP might catch your eye. At the moment, this suspicious add-on does not have an official download page, but it is known that it used to be offered at and The official download website and the Chrome web store page has been taken down, and now the potentially unwanted program is believed to spread via third-party installers. They can deliver software bundles that carry both harmless and malicious infections. While we advise deleting My Daily Verse XP, we cannot make any claims about this extension being extremely malicious. Unfortunately, the programs this PUP could come packaged with could be very malicious, and they might require immediate removal. Due to this, we suggest scanning your operating system before you move on. If critical threats are uncovered, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Afterward, you can address the suspicious application and the search tool that comes along with it. Read more »

Get Daily Bible Verses

Get Daily Bible Verses is a suspicious browser add-on that may alter your homepage, default search engine, or even new tab page preferences. Naturally, if you do not like these changes, you could remove the extension from your browser. Unfortunately, it is not all, and there are other reasons why we would recommend deleting it. To be more precise, our researchers at, noticed the application’s presented search engine might show unreliable advertising material from various third parties. Clicking it could redirect users to websites promoting questionable software, fake lotteries, and so on. If you do not like the idea of seeing such content while browsing, we encourage you to erase Get Daily Bible Verses. The instructions located below will show how to eliminate it manually. Read more »

My Converter Hub

My Converter Hub

My Converter Hub may look like a useful browser extension, but our research specialists say that this program is a browser hijacker. It means that it is not safe to have this thing on your computer, and the sooner you remove My Converter Hub, the better.

In this description, we will discuss this type of applications, and we will tell you more about My Converter Hub. Please note that there might be more potential threats installed on your computer, so it is strongly recommended that you perform a full system scan with a licensed antispyware tool. Read more » is a page you will find set on the web browser you use to surf the Internet after you install the extension named The Calendar from its official website or another third-party source. Also, it seems that it might come bundled, meaning that it might be installed on your computer without your direct permission. This piece of software has been developed by Polarity Technologies Ltd. The company is best-known for developing various suspicious applications that are usually classified as browser hijackers or potentially unwanted software. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm that The Calendar promoting can be trusted fully either. Therefore, if you ever find it installed on your PC without your knowledge, or you have clicked the Download button and thought of the consequences later, it would be best that you get rid of it today. It is the only way to remove from all affected browsers as well, so take action immediately after you read this report. Read more »

You have to be careful about It does not look like a malicious search engine, but, of course, it does not look like a truly beneficial one either. In fact, its interface is pretty damn boring as there is only a search field displayed. Next to it, you can find the “powered by Google” tag, which, undoubtedly, is meant to make you trust the service more. According to research team, the search results are not modified – at least, at the time of research they were not – which means that it might be okay for you to use the search tool. Of course, we cannot say that with confidence because, after all, there’s still a possibility that the activity of this search tool is not as reliable as we might think right now. Due to this, it is recommended that all users take a good look at the search engine and consider its removal. Do you want to learn how to delete manually? Our researchers have created a guide that shows how to do it. Read more »

You need to be vigilant about any unauthorized changes within your browser, and if takes over without permission, you need to do some serious investigating. At the time of research, the search engine was not classified as a browser hijacker because it was not found to corrupt the search providers and homepages on any browsers illegally. That being said, if you have a different story, you definitely should look at this search engine as something more than just another search engine. Well, what if you invited it in willingly? Even if that is the case, we suggest taking a closer look at this strange tool. If you have already decided that you want to remove, you can move to the last section of the guide and the removal instructions that are available below. If you are interested in learning more, and you need tips to help you investigate it yourself better, please continue reading. Read more »

MusicBox Live Extension

MusicBox Live Extension

MusicBox Live Extension is an extension for Chrome, and various security experts categorize this application in various ways. Some might consider this application a potentially unwanted program. Our research team goes a little bit further and says that this app is a browser hijacker. This would mean that MusicBox Live Extension modifies your browser’s settings without your permission, and then consequently exposes you to potentially harmful content. The bottom line in this is that this application could cause certain computer security issues, so the sooner you remove it from your computer, the better. Read more » is an untrustworthy search engine we would not recommend using to surf the Internet. That is because our researchers at classified it as a browser hijacker. Plus, it appears to be there is a chance the application could display suspicious advertising material from various third parties. No doubt, users who wish to maintain their device’s security should avoid encountering possibly dangerous ads. If you think so a well, we invite you to follow the removal instructions located just a bit below this report. Another way to remove the browser hijacker would be to scan the system with a legitimate antimalware tool. Of course, if you need more assistance while deleting you can contact us by leaving a message at the end of this page. Read more » is a browser hijacker, which means it might modify your browser’s preferences. As annoying as users may find such behavior, they should be aware the application might also be unreliable. According to our researchers at, this search engine might display modified search results containing additional advertising material from unknown third parties. Needless to say, if you do not want to put your system at risk accidentally, we would recommend not to take any chances with this threat. Therefore, slightly below the article, we will add detailed steps showing how to get rid of manually. Of course, if you need more information about the browser hijacker before you decide whether to keep it or eliminate it, we invite you to have a look at the rest of our report. Read more » is considered to be a browser hijacker that might alter homepage and default search engine preferences. As a result, the affected browser may start loading this site every time it is launched or when the user begins a new search. The thing users should know about it is that together with the displayed search results there could be doubtful advertisements from various third parties. Our researchers say they cannot be one hundred percent sure, but they believe some part of such material could be possibly malicious, which is why they advise against the browser hijacker’s usage. We will talk more about it further in the article so if you are interested in learning more about; we invite you to read the rest of this text. Additionally, users will find instructions showing how to erase it manually just slightly below the article. Read more »