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Sometimes even the most innocent looking applications might cause some trouble. Take, for example. On the surface, it looks like a simple domain that can do no harm. But the reality is that our research team was forced to associate it with a browser hijacker. In other words, if you see this website on your browser, the chances are that your browser’s settings were modified without your permission, and now you are constantly exposed to potentially harmful content. If you want to protect your system and your personal information from malicious exploitation, you need to remove immediately. Read more »

PutLocker Ads

PutLocker Ads

Do you stream TV shows and movies illegally? If you do, you are always at risk of facing something dangerous. PutLocker Ads flood the screens of those users, who choose to stream copyrighted material illegally via This website displays a search engine, using which you can find any film or TV episode. All content, obviously, is streamed illegally, and every user who uses this platform is committing a crime. Hopefully, you have visited the website by accident, and you are not planning on visiting it ever again. Unfortunately, visiting this site once is enough for the ads to start flooding. The website even asks the visitor to enable notifications, and once that is done, even more ads can be delivered. Of course, the majority of ads are shown to those who decide to stream movies or TV shows illegally. In most cases, these ads cannot be ignored, and the visitor has to close them one by one. Even doing that could be dangerous. To learn more about this, as well as how to delete PutLocker Ads, please keep reading, and do not forget that you can continue the discussion in the comments section. Read more »

You do not want to find set as the homepage and/or the default search provider on your web browser. At the time of research, this browser hijacker was found to take over Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers. If a different kind of browser was corrupted, and you need help removing, do not hesitate to leave a comment below, and our research team will try to assist you as soon as possible. While analyzing the hijacker, we could not find a specific extension or application to be linked to it, and so it appears that the hijacker stands on its own, which is not very common. That being said, it is unlikely to spread on its own, and it should be attached to more attractive extensions or applications. In that case, deleting these extensions and apps might be necessary in order to get rid of the hijacker itself. Of course, if that is not the case, we have created a guide that shows how to replace unwanted homepage and search provider pages. Read more »

You should find set as the New Tab page on your browser if you downloaded an add-on named “Transit Locator.” Both of these tools were created by Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. and PolarityTechnologies Ltd., and they always come bundled together. The hijacker is not spread on its own, and the extension represents the hijacker. One might say that the extension and the hijacker are the exact same thing, except that when it comes to downloading and deleting this software, Transit Locator is the thing that is downloaded and that must be eliminated. At first sight, this software does not look malicious or suspicious, but our research team at recommends deleting and Transit Locator immediately. If you are worried that you will not be able to get rid of this strange hijacker, continue reading this report to gather knowledge, and if you continue to have questions afterward, do not forget to add them to the comments section. Read more » is most popular in Brazil, but it does not mean you cannot encounter it if you live elsewhere. In case you do come across this search engine you should know it is categorized as a browser hijacker, which means it could hijack your browser. Our researchers say the application may do so by replacing your homepage or new tab page. Moreover, it appears to be the search engine does not look for results on its own as it employs a modified version of Consequently, the results could be modified as well. If you do not like this idea, we recommend using the original Yahoo search engine instead or any other reliable search tool of your choice. To remove from the browser, you may need to reset it, and the instructions available below can help you with this task. Of course, for more details about the browser hijacker, you should read the rest of this article. Read more »

If you face when you open your web browser or the New Tab page, it is likely that an extension called “Crime Report” has been installed as well. This browser hijacker is unlikely to spread on its own, and it should always come bundled with an extension or an application. This depends on the web browser you use because you install extensions on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but you actually install applications if you operate via Internet Explorer. The search tool was created by Eightpoint Technologies Ltd SEZC, which, according to the Privacy Policy, is an affiliate of Polarity Technologies Ltd. We can link a bunch of hijackers and potentially unwanted programs (for example, QuickMapsAndDirections) to these companies, and they certainly do not have a good reputation because of it. We recommend removing and Crime Report because they are unreliable, and if you want more information about this, you should continue reading. If you want to ask us questions before you delete the hijacker, use the comments section below the article. Read more » is a search tool that redirects users to Bing to display results. After researching it, our specialists at decided it might be safer to go directly to instead of using the application in question. Apparently, it does not have End User License Agreement (EULA), Privacy Policy (PP), and Terms of Use documents that as you might be aware are crucial in order to get to know any tool or website. There is one other thing suggesting the application might not be the best fit for your default search engine too, but we will discuss it further in the report. Thus, if you came here to get more information about, we invite you to read our full article. What’s more, if you choose to remove this search engine from your browser, you might find useful the deletion steps available below the text. Read more »

You might think that is a terrific search tool, but our malware experts warn that it is not so great. In fact, it is pretty mysterious and unpredictable, which is why we recommend removing it from your Google Chrome web browser immediately. This browser is the only one that the BaySearch Video NnewTab extension is compatible with, and it is likely to be installed on your browser if its homepage and/or New Tab was hijacked. Needless to say, if this extension does not exist, you still should delete You also should check whether or not another suspicious extension exists on your browser. A legitimate malware scanner can be extremely useful in this situation because it can also help you uncover other threats that might exist on your operating system without you even knowing it. If you continue reading, you will learn about the extension and the hijacker, and you will also learn how to remove it. If you are left with questions on your mind, use the comments section below. Read more »

If you are sneakily trying to watch movies or TV shows for free, is one of the sites you might come across. Just like most of its kind, this website floods the screen with advertisements the moment the visitor clicks on certain buttons or, in some cases, anywhere on the screen. Thousands of users are looking for free movies and TV series every moment all over the world, and where there’s demand – there’s supply. Needless to say, both parties – the one making the content available and the one viewing it – are in breach of copyright laws. It takes millions of dollars to make movies and TV series, but not everyone is willing to pay for the movie ticket or for cable or streaming services to get access in a legitimate way. We could discuss how disgusting the action is at length, but that is not what we want to focus on in this report. Our main goal is to help you delete hijacker because it can put your security at risk! If it has not hijacked your browser, you need to clear browsing data anyway because cookies might be employed to spy on you and even transmit information about you. Continue reading to learn more about this. Read more »

Your browser may start loading while surfing the Internet if you come across this browser hijacker. The application is not malicious, but it can be annoying, as it may show various advertisements from different third parties. Another thing you ought to be aware of is that some of the threat’s displayed ads could be potentially dangerous, which is why we recommend being extra cautious. Naturally, if you do not want to risk encountering suspicious ads or do not want to see on your browser, you should erase it with no hesitation. There are a couple of ways to deal with the browser hijacker, and we will explain them further in the text. Moreover, users who are determined to get rid of it manually, but need some guidance can find step by step deletion instructions added slightly below the article. Read more »