Research Team

Max Lehmann

I have been involved with computer security ever since I started using computers and surfing the World Wide Web, and I like to think that, over many years, I have gained valuable experience, working with all types of infectious threats, on all kind of infected machines. My area of expertise is malware, its research and analysis, and I can spend hours investigating latest computer infections, so that PC users would be informed about the latest malicious applications and all sorts of threats that can infiltrate their computers, compromising multiple computer systems. I have joined AntiSpyware 101 to share my knowledge and provide PC users with latest malware research information and essential system news. My Google Profile+

Lisa Blanc

My name is Lisa and I am an experienced writer/editor. I am very interested in the media industry, and have been involved in it for a number of years, and, with time passing by, I have grown my skills as a real wordsmith in this respectable company. Some say that I am a talented writer, with a flair for capturing the essence of a moment, be it in the realm of print or online media, and I am convinced that one can only reach excellence through words. Lately, I have caught the interest in analyzing and breaking down all things computer security related, and my goal is to bring this information to the public in a way that even the most inexperienced computer users would understand how to deal with their systems and any arisen problems. My Google Profile+

Sarah Stewart

I have been interested in computers ever since junior high days, but eventually after school graduation I chose creative writing as my major. Luckily, now I have an opportunity to fuse both of my passions and use my writing skills to create informative and reader-friendly news articles about computer security. The essence of my day-to-day tasks is to analyze computer security issues and inform computer users about them in a way, that even users with scarce knowledge in computing would be able to understand the core of any problems in hand. I am very grateful for this rewarding opportunity to educate people, working with the highly professional AntiSpyware 101 team. My Google Profile+