PCeU Virus

What is PCeU Virus?

If you see Police Central e-crime Unit (PCeU) notification on your computer’s screen claiming that you need to pay money for alleged criminal activity, PCeU infection has attacked your operating Windows system! This infection works exactly like the West Yorkshire Police Virus or Cuerpo National De Policia Virus, and until you remove PCeU infection from within your system, this message will be the only thing you see:

Illegal activity has been detected on your computer!
Your operating system has been blocked due to violation of law of the United Kingdom!
Your IP-address detected and registered by the Met’s Police Central e-crime Unit (PCeU – is jointly fund by the Home Office and Metropolitan Police). You used your computer to view pornographic videos or access to the web-sites containing pornography, child pornography, elements of rape, zoophilia and child abuse has been recorded from your IP-address.
Also, these files have been discovered on your PC by our scanners.
Furthermore, it has been detected that sending of unsolicited bulk e-mail messages with a commercial, political or other content, or other forms of Spam e-mail messages, or sending of e-mail messages containing secret terroristic plans was executed from your computer.
Blocking of your computer is meant to prevent your illegal actions.
In order to unlock your computer, you are liable to pay a fine in the amount of £100. The penalty is to be paid during 24 hours from the moment when your PC was locked!
If the penalty is not paid the time specified, your computer will be confiscated, your criminal case will be submitted to the tribunal and all the data will be removed from your PC.

The message locking your system will be supported by the well known logo and name of an authentic Metropolitan Police department Police Central e-crime Unit, which investigates various cyber crime incidents in the UK. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with the proposed accusations or the requested fine, and it is most likely that you have never even had stored proclaimed content videos within your system, or sent emails with terrorism intentions. So, if you do not agree with this message, have no doubt that you should not pay an alleged fine for something that you are not even guilty of. What is more, if you took a really good look at the fictitious PCeU infection notification, you should have noticed that it is written in a tremendously unprofessional and grammatically incorrect style, which only assures that it has not been released by authentic PCeU, and instead, is only a tool for schemers to force you into giving up your money. Remember that this action could bring you serious trouble, because besides losing money, you could also be allowing cyber criminals to find out your home address, phone and credit card numbers! Schemers are smart enough to use every opportunity to scam your money away; therefore, if you have already been tricked into giving up your savings, you need to call your bank and the Metropolitan Police to assist you with personal data security.test

Whether you have been tricked by the scam or not, you need to remove PCeU infection from your system and secure that no other malicious applications are attacking your identifying data. The most convenient, reliable and quick way to delete PCeU infection and other malware is by trusting reliable antimalware applications with automatic removal capabilities. To install such software and delete the virus, please restart your computer and launch Safe Mode with Networking, which you can reach by pressing the F8 key. This will unlock your PC, and you will be able to access your browser to download the automatic removal application of your choice. We recommend using SpyHunter, whose automatic installation you can prompt by visiting address http://www.anti-spyware-101.com/download-sph.

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