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Originally, Keylogger.Revealer is a free monitoring tool developed by Logifox. It can be downloaded from by anyone. It is not harmful until cyber criminals modify it and use it for malicious purposes. Unfortunately, as specialists at have observed, more and more cyber criminals discover this piece of software and use it to spy on users. It is not so easy to find out about the presence of Keylogger.Revealer on the system because this keylogger does not open any window. Instead, it works silently in the background. Consequently, it takes time to detect it. We know one trick that will help you to detect this infection if it has already been uploaded onto the computer by cyber criminals – you should be able to find a new process, e.g., rvlkl.exe in Task Manager. Also, Keylogger.Revealer drops an executable file on the affected machine, but since Keylogger.Revealer is already 9 years old, and cyber criminals have modified it a number of times during this time, the malicious file belonging to this keylogger might be placed in any folder, so you might not even notice it at first. Either way, you cannot keep Keylogger.Revealer active on your PC because its presence can only bring privacy-related problems to you. Read more »

iSpy Keylogger

iSpy Keylogger

iSpy Keylogger is a malicious keylogger Trojan that can be acquired by almost anyone who wants to indulge in criminal activities. This type of malicious software is created primarily to spy on the unsuspecting computer users and then steal your data for financial purposes. You may not even know that you have this infection on-board, so it is important that you run regular system scans to see whether your computer is safe and clean. If this keylogger happens to be installed on your computer, you need to remove iSpy Keylogger immediately. Otherwise, the infection will cause all sorts of damage. Read more »


SniperSpy is a keylogger program created to monitor and log keystrokes that are made on your machine. SniperSpy is capable to run in stealth mode in order to hide its presence. SniperSpy can monitor wide range of activities, including e-mails, Instant messaging conversations, typed passwords, banking pass codes etc. SniperSpy puts your security and privacy at a very high risk. Read more »