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TheClickCheck is the name of a website which is regarded by different researchers as a browser hijacker. Very often browser hijacker installs a toolbar and changes the home page into a websites which operates as a search engine. The Click Check does not possess a search engine or different sections that could be opened; instead, this website is said to be used for writing positive feedback on websites. However, you do not have access to the comments that have been already written. Read more »

Federal Department of Justice and Police Virus

Federal Department of Justice and Police Virus

Federal Department of Justice and Police Virus is the most recently detected Paysafecard virus following the methods and strategies of such Swiss ransomware infections as Votre ordinateur est bloqué virus and Bundesamt für Polizei virus. All three infections are detected in unprotected Windows systems in Switzerland and use spurious credentials.
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If you want to keep your PC protected against malicious and questionable programs, you need to stay away from The website is blocked by many security applications; however, if anti-spyware programs are not installed onto your computer you may end up in this site whilst researching free software sources. In general, you should be extremely careful with any websites offering you free software, because misleading promotion could help cyber criminals infect your Windows system with dangerous malware. In case, you have already used the source to download programs, Read more »


Does your anti-virus tool detect Backdoor.ProxyBot.E but cannot remove it from the system? If so, this is the right time to change your security tool into SpyHunter and remove Backdoor.ProxyBot.E without any problems. Click on the download button to get a free scan, which will immediately identify the infections running in the system. Read more »

Freecause Redirect

Freecause toolbar is a browser extension that gets installed on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other main Internet browsers. According to the privacy policy posted on the official website, the toolbar can be uninstalled at will, if the user does not want to share such private data and web browsing history. However, there are cases being reported when users cannot uninstall Freecause tool via Control Panel. Then it is a sign that the toolbar is being exploited by hacker through the loopholes in its security. Read more »


Once you log onto, you are immediately greeted by alluring promises to save time and money whilst shopping online. Despite this, some sources suggest that DropDownDeals removal is something that needs to be done immediately because this application works in a highly suspicious manner. It has been discovered that the program is associated to Yontoo layer applications, which often administrate as browser hijackers and adware programs. Therefore, even if the program itself is harmless, you should keep in mind that it could be accompanied by truly deceptive and misleading programs. Read more »

Java Exploit

Java Exploit is a piece of malware that can cause a lot of trouble to computer user because this threat enables attackers to get unauthorized access to the system and take control over it. Once the attacker can control the system, confidential information can be stolen immediately. In order to stop the attackers and fix the system, you should remove Java Exploit and other infections downloaded by the threat. Read more »


TornTV is a program that can be utilized to stream and download online videos. Even though you can acquire the application from, it does not mean that you can trust it without raising any questions. In fact, before you decide to install any program onto the computer, you need to investigate first. You should be extremely wary of who developed the tool, which programs are linked to it or what dangers could be related to it. Unfortunately, the program is potentially unwanted and you need to be extremely carefully when running it. In fact, you may even want to remove TornTV from your operating Windows system. Read more »

WindowSecure Virus

WindowSecure is fake antivirus program. It displays a lot of fake warnings and intentionally slows down your system process. The main goal of WindowSecure is to convince you that your system is infected with a huge list of malware. If a user is persuaded to remove malware with WindowSecure, he is required to purchase license. However, this rogue cannot remove malware, because it is a dangerous computer threat itself, and you must remove WindowSecure from your computer right now. Read more »

Internet Crime Complaint Center Virus

Internet Crime Complaint Center Virus

Internet Crime Complaint Center Virus is yet another ransomware infection using MoneyPak money transfer system and illegally attached credentials. The application is very clandestine and you will not know about its existence until your computer is locked and your access to the desktop is disabled. It has been discovered that schemers may infiltrate the dangerous program onto the computer with the help of a rootkit Trojan, which means that Internet Crime Complaint Center Virus removal is not the only task you need to perform. Read more »