What is TheClickCheck?

TheClickCheck is the name of a website which is regarded by different researchers as a browser hijacker. Very often browser hijacker installs a toolbar and changes the home page into a websites which operates as a search engine. The Click Check does not possess a search engine or different sections that could be opened; instead, this website is said to be used for writing positive feedback on websites. However, you do not have access to the comments that have been already written.

As for the malicious actions, different sources claim that the user can be redirected to TheClickCheck. Some users realize that their anti-virus tools are not reliable enough to protect them form computer threats and do not get any scan results. If you are being redirected to this website unexpectedly, then it means that you have a piece of malware which is not identified by your anti-virus tool. TheClickCheck might be promoted by a browser hijacker; if so, there is a possibility that you get some unwanted pop-ups.  The easiest way to remove the threat which does not allow you to have undisturbed browsing session is to apply an anti-spyware program.

How to remove TheClickCheck

Do not try to solve the problem manually by trying to remove suspicious component so as not to delete valid files. You should use SpyHunter because it can successfully remove ransomware viruses, rogue anti-virus tools and other threats that get in your computer’s system unnoticed. Try a free scanner available below right now to identify what malware is trying to damage your system.

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