Monthly Archives: November 2012 - Page 4 redirect  is a browser hijacker that interferes with the way you browse the Internet. It is a malicious website that users are redirected to when they get infected with a malicious computer threat. The website is not dangerous on its own, but if it becomes an instrument in a cyber crime scam, then users can get affected by redirect so that cyber criminals would earn money. Read more »


DealCabby is a browser plug-in which many users find annoying due to its characteristics. This browser extension may be installed along with freeware or by the user after downloading it from More specifically, DealCabby also refers to a toolbar which appears on the right hand corner of your browsers. As soon as the plug-in is installed, pop-up message and redirects are generated. Do you want to eliminate all of this? Read more » Redirect is a browser hijacker. If you go directly to website you will see a white blank page and a text at the top of the window: This domain is used to track traffic and ensure its quality to our advertisers. According to Google this website is not in the suspicious websites list, but it is directly related to Luxemil Search Engine that is infamous for redirecting your search results and affecting such search engines as Yahoo, Bing or Google. Read more »

Your PC is Blocked Due to at Least one Virus

Your PC is Blocked Due to at Least one Virus

The abundance of ransomware infections from Ukash Virus group is astounding. Your PC is Blocked Due to at Least one Virus is yet another infection from this family that targets computer users in the United States of America. When this ransomware infection gets into your computer, it locks your desktop and does not allow you to access it. Instead you see a big notification across your screen that says your computer has been locked because you have violated the federal laws. Your PC is Blocked Due to at Least one Virus message looks as though it has been sent by the FBI and the Department of Justice. Read more »

Polska Policja Virus

Polska Policja Virus

Polska Policja Virus is one more disastrous program added to the Ukash virus faction, which is know for extremely latent and cunning ransomware infections. Some of the most notable programs of the kind are Poliisi Virus, Guardia Di Finanza virus, Association Canadienne des Policiers virus, Strathclyde Police Virus and La policia Española virus. Read more »

Personal Protector 2013

By all means, you should not trust Personal Protector 2013 with your Windows system’s protection, because if you do, you will be harmed financially, once your money is tricked out of you in the most cunning way. The rogue antispyware will slither inside your system quietly, and then its fake computer scanner will present you with numerous fictitious threats, which you will be recommended to remove by flooding security warnings, which, of course, are also fake. Read more »

Alexa Toolbar

Cyber criminals keep inventing new ways to corrupt your virtual security and generate illegal profits. Alexa Toolbar is one of the programs that virtual crooks have employed for their malignant operations. If you do not have the corrupted Alexa Toolbar removed from the PC, you will discover that this add-on can do much more than just alleviate your online shopping. This concise report will explain how dangerous the program can be once under the control of schemers; therefore, Read more »


Conduit search engine and community toolbar extensions are quite popular with IE, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users. Unfortunately, the Conduit  developers are aware of the add-on popularity and can implement extremely devious processes to make your browsing experience nearly unbearable. Do you want your browsing redirected to suspicious and dangerous web sources? Do you find the possibility of surreptitious malware installation harmless? Well, this is exactly what you will need to face if you do not rush to remove Conduit redirect infection from your computer. Read more »

V9 Redirect Virus

V9 Redirect Virus is a browser hijacker which has probably prompted you to browse for information about it because your internet browser is somewhat changed. If your browsers contain an unseen search box and buttons which you are expected to use to arrive at Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and other pages, and the very home page is now or, your PC is infected. This add-on you have in your browsers should be removed from the system, because it may introduce a lot of radical changes in the system’s performance. Read more »

How to Remove Malicious Registry Entries

A removal of spyware-related registry entries is a complex task, which, if performed incompletely or in a wrong way, may lead to or data loss or crash of the system. Before going deep into the removal of unwanted registry entries, back up the most important files: open the Start menu, select All Programs; choose Accessories and System Tools. Click on the last option System Tools and follow its instructions to create restore points, which will help you restore the lost data if something bad occurs during the deletion of registry entries. Read more »