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Online HD TV hijacker

Online HD TV hijacker is a browser extension which many computer users have found troublesome. The software called TornTV can be downloaded from its official website and installed as an extension whose shortcut will be placed on your desktop. Even thought the application may seem to be attractive and promising, some users may find this extension installed without their knowledge and approval. This may happen due to CouponDropDown, which is another unwanted program generating various pop-up ads. Read more »


VirTool:MSIL/Injector.gen!G is a dangerous Trojan infection. Its name reveals what kind of type of infection it is - this Trojan is an injector and means that it injects malicious codes into genuine system processes allowing other malware applications to hide their presence from security products. As such, VirTool:MSIL/Injector.gen!G seldom comes alone. It is usually a constituent part of other infections. This Trojan is written in the Common Intermediate Language (previously known as Microsoft Intermediate Language) and it has rootkit features that allow the Trojan to hide itself as well. Read more »



RegTOOL is a fake tool being advertised as capable of cleaning the registry and optimizing the system’s performance. In fact, the rogue application is distributed by Trojan infections, and its only purpose is to deceive a computer user into acquiring the fake licensed version. RegTOOL is known as a clone of ErrorEasy, ErrorRepair Tool and RegFix. Read more »


Adware.Webalta is an adware application that performs forceful web browser redirections to a website called In order to keep on working efficiently this adware program can constantly connect to the Internet without your knowledge and download updates from Adware.Webalta can collect your personal information and transfer it to a third party for marketing purposes. Read more »

Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus

Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus

Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus is a ransomware infection detected running on operating Windows systems in the Netherlands. The application belongs to a large faction of ransomware programs, also known as Ukash viruses. Some of the recent infections from the same group are Polska Policja Virus, Poliisi virus, Guardia Di Finanza virus and Strathclyde Police Virus. All of these infections are targeted at different countries and Korps Landelijke Politiediensten virus removal will be an issue to Dutch Windows users only. Nonetheless, Read more »


Packed.Execryptor is a malicious infection that schemers can use to drop malware onto your operating Windows system. The clandestine infection uses highly surreptitious propagation channels and many infected computer’s owners do not discover the vicious application until it is too late. Detecting the program after it has been activated is extremely difficult; however, you are likely to notice that your PC is operating irregularly with this application running. Read more »

Do you receive annoying pop-ups offering to acquire a free music player? If you are directed to, then your PC is infected with This threat is an adware infection which you should remove from the system to protect your personal information and privacy. It has to be done urgently because the infection can collect your personal information. Not sure how to do this? Click on the download button below and download a free scanner to find out what infections are running in the background without you being aware if it. Read more »


Babylontoolbartlbr.dll is a dangerous dll file that belongs to Babylon Toolbar. If this file has been detected in your system, then you most definitely have Babylon Toolbar installed on your computer as well. The file itself is found on infected systems and it avoids being interrogated by security software. Babylontoolbartlbr.dll can be injected into any system process through software packing and it is located at C:\Program Files\BabylonToolbar\BabylonToolbar directory. The file is considered an infection because it belongs to potentially unwanted program. Read more »

Spigot Search

Not all computer programs and browser extensions are beneficial and useful as we would like them to be. Spigot Search is a highly questionable and suspicious computer infection which enters the computer through security gaps of Spigot, Dealio or Koyote Soft toolbars. The applications can be downloaded from official web sources; however, it is also possible to have the application installed without your knowledge. If you tend to download free products regularly, you probably rush through the installation processes without noticing attached products. Read more »


Mal/Bredo-Q is a Trojan infection which penetrates into the system through an email attachment, which, depending on the victim’s geographical location, is sent by USPS or Royal Mail. The threat comes as a ZIP file or Microsoft Office document and can cause a lot of damage to the system. In the case of USPS, the sender is presented as “Postal Service”, Read more »