WindowSecure Virus

What is WindowSecure Virus?

WindowSecure is fake antivirus program. It displays a lot of fake warnings and intentionally slows down your system process. The main goal of WindowSecure is to convince you that your system is infected with a huge list of malware. If a user is persuaded to remove malware with WindowSecure, he is required to purchase license. However, this rogue cannot remove malware, because it is a dangerous computer threat itself, and you must remove WindowSecure from your computer right now.

What does WindowSecure do?

If you do not have Asian languages enabled on your computer, you will not be able to read the fake security messages from WindowSecure. It is so, because this rogue's interface is entirely in Korean, and if you click only on those buttons that are highlighted, you will get into a trap.

When WindowSecure is installed, it performs a full system scan, mostly "detecting" tracking cookies. Tracking cookies are unwanted files indeed, but the problem is that WindowSecure does not have the ability to detect malware and it cannot remove it. If you follow the rogue's instructions you will be redirected to its purchase page. Naturally, you should never spend your money on WindowSecure. It is absolutely important that you remove the rogue here and now.

How to remove WindowSecure?

If you are an experienced computer user, you can remove WindowSecure on your own. All you have to do is delete its files, terminate its processes and then remove additional registry keys created by the rogue. Nevertheless, we strongly advise you to choose automatic malware removal, because with a powerful security tool you will be able to terminate WindowSecure immediately. What is more, a computer security program of choice will scan your system for other suspicious files once WindowSecure is removed. Safeguard your system against similar threats and be careful when you browse the Internet.

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