What is 1ClickDownloader?

If you want to keep your PC protected against malicious and questionable programs, you need to stay away from 1ClickDownloader.com. The website is blocked by many security applications; however, if anti-spyware programs are not installed onto your computer you may end up in this site whilst researching free software sources. In general, you should be extremely careful with any websites offering you free software, because misleading promotion could help cyber criminals infect your Windows system with dangerous malware. In case, you have already used the source to download programs, you should implement automatic threat removal tools to inspect the PC and delete 1ClickDownloader related applications.

What hides behind 1ClickDownloader?

It has been discovered that programs currently promoted by the source are the previously reported TornTV which offers free online streaming services and videodownloadconverter toolbar. Both applications are considered as unwanted programs, as they can modify your browser settings and install Yontoo related products, which are infamous for displayed adware. Pop-up ads, filtered search results and reappearing online promotion must be disregarded at all points, and the worst thing you could do is click on them. No matter how interesting and alluring ads may seem, they could be corrupted by schemers who are just waiting to infect your PC with Trojans, worms, fake AV tools and similar malware.

ESET Antivirus blocked 1ClickDownloader.com (The web page is on the list of websites with potentially dangerous content )


How to remove 1ClickDownloader related programs?

If you click on the Start menu, open Control Panel and go to Uninstall Program or Add or Remove Programs utilities, you should be able to view all programs related to the website. You need to be extremely careful and delete all of them without leaving any behind. Do not get surprised if you see alerts like the one posted below. Simply confirm the removal and continue with other unfamiliar, unwanted or suspicious programs.

Are you sure you want to completely remove Video Download Converter and all of its components?

Once you think that all programs related to 1ClickDownloader are deleted from the PC and disabled from the browsers, you should implement SpyHunter to scan your PC. The program can offer you reliable malware detection and removal services which need to be activated at all times on order to ensure secure PC’s running.

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