What is TornTV?

TornTV is a program that can be utilized to stream and download online videos. Even though you can acquire the application from, it does not mean that you can trust it without raising any questions. In fact, before you decide to install any program onto the computer, you need to investigate first. You should be extremely wary of who developed the tool, which programs are linked to it or what dangers could be related to it. Unfortunately, the program is potentially unwanted and you need to be extremely carefully when running it. In fact, you may even want to remove TornTV from your operating Windows system.

The secret threat behind TornTV

It has been discovered that the application may be installed onto the computer together with various other programs. The most notable of them are the CouponDropDown Virus, the Online HD TV hijacker and Yontoo. If you notice any of these programs running on your computer after you install TornTV – there is no doubt that your computer is at serious risk. You should never trust programs downloaded onto the PC without your authorization, since such activity could lead you to identity theft and financial loss. Even if the video streaming program itself is harmless and safe to use, it is obvious that it may be used to infect your Windows system with potentially dangerous applications.

How to remove TornTV?

There is no doubt that the program should be monitored very closely, and if you want to eliminate any possibility of deceptive and dangerous virtual privacy breaching, you should consider its removal. If you have some experience with potentially malicious programs’ removal, you need to rush to delete all programs related to TornTV. Remove these applications from your PC and your browser extensions’ list and employ SpyHunter to scan the system to ensure that no malign components are remnant.  In case you do not have the required experience – install the reliable removal tool to take care of the complex task for you.

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