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Atenção! Seu computador e bloqueado

Atenção! Seu computador e bloqueado! is a headline found in a message displayed by a ransomware infection, which should not be respected or trusted, because the only aim of the threat is to make you give your money up. Atenção! Seu computador e bloqueado! paralyzes the system so that no actions can be performed on the PC. Read more »

Attention! L'ordinateur a été verrouillé!

There is no end to ransomware infections that impersonate law enforcement agencies. Attention! L'ordinateur a été verrouillé! is yet another computer threat that locks users' computers in France and then demands for a ransomware payment. This infection is able to deny access to your desktop by displaying a fake security notification across your screen. It seems that the message is delivered by the National French Police, however no Police office has a right to lock down personal computers as of yet. Therefore, the message within the notification is not real. Read more »

Latvijas Policijas Virus

Latvijas Policijas Virus

Latvijas Policijas Virus is a computer infection which makes the computer inoperable and presents a bogus notification aimed at making the user believe that his or her computer is locked by the Latvian police. The impression that one is dealing with the police is created by an emblem of the police (Latvijas Policijas) and a faded flag of the country. Moreover, it is stated in the message that the user might have used copyrighted content, Read more »

Dutch Police Virus

Dutch Police Virus

Dutch Police Virus is equally as detrimental and dangerous as the Nederlands Politie Virus, Eenheid Voor de Bestrijding Cybercrime Virus and Buma Stemra virus, infections that keep threatening Windows users living in the Netherlands. All of these viruses are represented through computer locking notifications with authentic Police logos attached. This trick is one of the main attributes that could guarantee success for devious cyber criminals, who will use the infectious applications in order to get as much as 100 Euro from each of their victims. Unfortunately, losing your money could not be the worst that happens, because with the virus controlling your PC, Read more »

Polizei österreich Virus

Polizei österreich Virus is a computer infection which makes the system inoperable after making unauthorized changes of your system’s settings. The purpose of paralyzing the system is to deceive computer users in Austria into paying a ransom charge of 100 euros through Paysafecard. As the infection presents a message which is supposedly sent by the Austrian police, you may think that the message has nothing to do with cyber criminals. However, you should remove Polizei österreich Virus if you want to restore the functionality of your PC. Read more »

How to Stop or Kill a Process

Windows Task Manager is a multifunctional utility allowing you to end any selected process. It may occur to you that a process or an application consumes too many memory resources or causes high percentage of CPU usage, which may imply that the process or the application has to be disabled. Below, you will find how to use your Windows Task Manager to end a selected process: Read more »

How to Unlock Task Manager

The research of deceptive computer tools has revealed that very often pseudo-antivirus applications disable Windows Task Manager so that a user cannot complete the removal of the rogue software. When Task Manager is disabled on an infected computer, an error is displayed instead of the Task Manager’s interface. Read more »

How to Disable the Paging File

Windows uses the paging file to store data that was in the physical memory, but then it was removed, because the system wanted to use the virtual memory for other purposes. Even though it is impossible the change the way Windows decides which programs are supposed to stay in the virtual memory and which will be kicked out. However, you can disable the paging file, so that the system would not use it anymore. Read more »

How to change the location of the Paging File

Paging File is a rather mobile part of the virtual memory, because it can be placed anywhere, even on an external hard drive connected to your computer via USB. Let’s say there are multiple drives in your system (not partitions of the same hard drive). If you move the paging file out of the main system drive, it might actually increase the overall system performance. Read more »

Change Paging File Size

Usually the size of the Paging File is set by the system, but the user can also have a say about it. If you set the size of the file yourself, you will avoid the perpetual growth of the file, which occurs when the size is controlled by the system. If the Paging File size continues to increase, it slows down your application and causes fragmentation errors. The Paging File isn’t supposed to have file fragments, Read more »