Freecause Redirect

What is Freecause Redirect?

Freecause toolbar is a browser extension that gets installed on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other main Internet browsers. According to the privacy policy posted on the official website, the toolbar can be uninstalled at will, if the user does not want to share such private data and web browsing history. However, there are cases being reported when users cannot uninstall Freecause tool via Control Panel. Then it is a sign that the toolbar is being exploited by hacker through the loopholes in its security.

What does a hacked do?

Allegedly, when toolbar functions as browser hijacker, hackers exploit it to redirect users to affiliated websites. Commercial pop-up advertisements are also being displayed and if a user clicks on any of them, they are redirected to affiliated websites that might contain malicious codes. Thus, indirectly, Freecause toolbar becomes responsible for serious malware infection.

If you did not install Freecause toolbar willingly from the official site, but still have it on your browser, it means that this toolbar has come bundled with freeware and shareware applications. You must've installed it accidentally, and that is the reason why you are being redirected to search engine. Constant redirections can result in serious malware infection, and so you are strongly advised to remove Freecause toolbar from your computer.

How to remove Freecause toolbar?

If you have the legitimate version of this toolbar and you don't want your data to be stored by it, head to Control Panel and remove Freecause from the installed programs list. In case your Freecause toolbar does not have the uninstall utility (i.e. it has been misused), it is recommended to acquire a powerful antimalware tool and perform a full system scan, during which other infections will be detected as well (if any). A computer security program of choice will also restore default browser settings such as homepage or default search engine. Although Freecause toolbar is not a malicious application itself, it might cause various problems if it is used by a third party. Hence, protect your computer and remove Freecause toolbar just in case.

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