Monthly Archives: January 2011

Windows Health Center

Windows Health Center is a program, we discovered, that is being pushed around the internet to random computer users that have some trojan infection. In the event that Windows Health Center should gain access to your computer, you need to be prepared. You should always have up to date software as well as learn how to detect it so that you can delete Windows Health Center immediately from your computer system should the need arise. If you receive computer security notifications as well as vast amounts of pop ups then this could be a telling sign that your computer system is at risk. If you see a system scan which produces scan report results then this is a very high indicating factor that your PC is in fact infected with Windows Health Center. Read more »

Windows Shield Center

Just because you see a Windows Shield Center computer scan that appears real doesn’t mean that it is really scanning. In fact this computer scan is more than likely a false computer scan which has been created by the makers of other similar fake programs. This computer scan will most probably generate a list of false system scan report results which again may appear real. These are not true results and is simply a false list conjured up by the makers of Windows Shield Center in order to fool you in being scared. Read more »

Windows Antispyware Solution

Windows Antispyware Solution is a harmful rogue antispyware application out only to rip consumers off. It has no intention to live up to any of its over embellished promises, and will leave you with nothing more than an empty shell for your hard earned money. This harmful fake security application makes use of various nefarious ways to infiltrate its victims’ PCs, including fake malware scanners and bundled security updates and downloads obtained from third party websites. Browser hijackers are another popular way to spread the Windows Antispyware Solution infection, as they forcefully redirect users’ browsing sessions to their harmful sites where they seditious deposit the Windows Antispyware Solution Trojans into the host PCs. Read more »

Fake AVG AntiVirus 2011

The sad reality of Fake AVG AntiVirus 2011 is that it will never help your computer system no matter how much it tries to convince you of this. All the tactics which are used by Fake AVG AntiVirus 2011 are simply scare tactics which have been designed to try and make you believe that your pc is infected. We need to mention that nasty rogue program creators stole the name from a very popular and reputable program. Read more »

Windows Disk

Under no circumstances should you ever trust Windows Disk. Not only is Windows Disk going to try and steal your money by the use of all kinds of tricks but Windows Disk is nothing more than a malicious rogue defragmenter which actually originates from the same family as other rogue defragmenters. They all will display similar signs and symptoms but are all equally as dangerous and you should attempt to get rid of Windows Disk as soon as you can. Read more »

Smart Internet Protection 2011

Despite the best efforts of the online security industry many PC owners are still falling prey to vicious lies spread by rogue antispyware applications such as Smart Internet Protection 2011. This harmful fake security application in particular will not let up until it successfully extorts its victim into paying for worthless software. Smart Internet Protection 2011 enters the system without the knowledge of the PC owner, and will remain stealth until such time it deems it pertinent to reveal itself to the user. It usually enters a computer by the help of Trojan which itself gets into a computer through browser security exploits or by opening a suspicious file/link. Read more »

Windows Risks Eliminator

No rogue will ever bring anything good to your PC and this concept is very applicable to the latest rogue which goes by the name of Windows Risks Eliminator. What you need to understand is that Windows Risks Eliminator will make use of false positives in order to scare innocent users and then proceed to try and obtain their money by offering them a full version of the product which actually does not exist. It is going to be within your best interest to take computer security seriously and do what you can in order to remove Windows Risks Eliminator from your computer system upon detection. Read more »

Antivirus .NET

No matter how hard Antivirus .NET tries to convince you that it is a helpful software program, you mustn't fall for it. Antivirus .NET is no helpful software program and is actually the total opposite which is a nasty rogue antispyware application which has been created in order to trick users and present you with all types of computer problems. These computer problems may include an increasingly slow computer system as well as an increasingly slow internet connection. Read more »

Windows Universal Tool

Windows Universal Tool is not just another rogue antispyware application as it is one of the latest rogues out there. Many computer systems could easily become infected with Windows Universal Tool at an alarming rate, because Windows Universal Tool employs Trojans and browser security holes to install itself into a computer. Thre trojans are usuelaly hidden in e-mail attachments, fake video codecs or can be engaged when a click is made on a suspicious pop-up. Read more »

Spyware Protection

Spyware Protection is not just another rogue antispyware application as it is one of the latest rogues out there. There is a real threat, that many computer systems all over the world could become infected with Spyware Protection at an alarming rate. Spyware Protection comes from the same software family, as Win PC Defender, XP Deluxe Protector which have a history of causing serious problems for thousands of PC's. Read more »