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Windows Utility Tool

Although using a very serious name, Windows Utility Tool is really a very unusable program. Welcome to the truth about Windows Utility Tool. Now for those of you who aren't familiar with rogues such as these it is best to know that Windows Utility Tool is a rogue antispyware application that has been created by rogue makers who only have malicious purposes and intentions in mind. In fact Windows Utility Tool has been created especially to trick innocent computer users into believing that their computers are infected and once the users become scared enough, they will be offered a solution to the problem in the form of the full version which a fee is required for. Read more »

Proven Antivirus

No matter what happens in the online world, malicious rogue makers continue to create malicious rogues which are geared towards stealing the money of innocent computer users and Proven Antivirus is no exception. There are many tactics which rogue makers use in order to achieve their goals. Now Proven Antivirus may show you all types of computer security warnings which may all appear real but in reality they are all false warnings which may make use of real graphical user interfaces in order to fool you. You should know that Proven Antivirus got into Your computer without Your knowledge in the first place. And that it gets into your computer with the help of nasty Trojans which may later block trustable security programs. Read more »

Memory Scan

Despite continuous attempts by computer professionals rogue antispyware applications continue to flood our online world. The latest rogue to join our online world goes by the name of Memory Scan and is extremely dangerous to all computer users. The fact of the matter remains that Memory Scan is up to no good and is simply going out of its way to try and make you fully believe that your computer system is infected with all types of parasites. Memory Scan installs itself without your permission and will constantly attack with various warning messages. It is also capable of changing search engine results and blocking other security programs. Read more »

Windows Security & Control

When it comes to the many Windows Security & Control warning messages which you will receive you need to know that these are all false. You see Windows Security & Control is false and is nothing that it pretends to be. You should also seriously understand that Windows Security & Control will not help your computer system in any way and is only going to result in huge amounts of trouble for your PC. Read more »

Powerful PC Protection

No rogues are good and this is exactly the point when it comes to Powerful PC Protection. What you should always understand is that Powerful PC Protection may go by a few names but the symptoms are always the same. You may see a system scan which will generate false system scan report results in one big attempt to try and fool you into thinking your computer system is infected with all types of threats. The fact remains that your computer system is in fact infected with a threat but not with what it tells you, as your computer system is instead only infected with Powerful PC Protection. It will also show various warning messages and may block some legitimate programs. Read more »

Memory Optimizer

Memory Optimizer is not a good software program by any sense of the word and is really a rogue antispyware application which has been created by bad people who only have only had bad intentions. Inclusive in their bad intentions is to try and steal your money by presenting you with all types of false positives to try and convince you that your computer system is in fact infected and that the solution to these problems is to proceed to pay a fee for a full Memory Optimizer version which should fix your computer. Read more »

Windows Optimization & Security

Never trust anything remotely connected to Windows Optimization & Security. This harmful rogue antispyware and optimization tool is only out to trick you into parting with your money while offering you nothing substantial in return. Windows Optimization & Security successfully tricks users into parting with their money because of its well designed user interfaces and genuine looking applications. Illicit and criminal websites are used to distribute Windows Optimization & Security, by having users simply redirected to the site which hosts the Windows Optimization & Security infection. Read more »

Disk Helper

Be warned - Disk Helper is not a trustable software. The truth is that Disk Helper is actually a false optimization tool which is creating so many issues. Disk Helper is usually delivered through a trojan which is hiding under spam e-mail attachments or under fake pop-up messages. With the help of that trojan, Disk Helper will take over your entire computer system. This is besides the factor that it is guaranteed to try and steal your money as well as present you with all sorts of false warning messages which may appear genuine. Futhermore Disk Helper usually tries to block all popular security messages and may change Google results hiding the useful information. All this is done to catch you off guard and make you genuinely believe that your PC is infected. Read more »

Disk Defragmenter

Disk Defragmenter is the most recent clone of the many rogue defragmenter applications. True to its heritages, Disk Defragmenter is not to be taken lightly – and should be removed as soon as it has been detected on a computer system. Disk Defragmenter uses all known tactics of persuasion to convince users that their system is infected to capacity, and offers the solution of purchasing its full version software to combat all nefarious activity! Some of the aggressive tactics include full blockage of any executable file, Disabling the internet connection, showing a fake system scan and various warning messages. Read more »

Disk Optimizer

Disk Optimizer may be defined as a rogue which will cause chaos to your computer system when you least expect it. Basically Disk Optimizer operates by making use of all types of methods in order to convince users that their computer systems are infected with all types of threats. This is a big scam which the creators hope will get you to buy the full version which in reality does not exist and is part of a malicious plan in order to steal your cash. Read more »