Spyware Protection

What is Spyware Protection?

Spyware Protection is not just another rogue antispyware application as it is one of the latest rogues out there. There is a real threat, that many computer systems all over the world could become infected with Spyware Protection at an alarming rate. Spyware Protection comes from the same software family, as Win PC Defender, XP Deluxe Protector which have a history of causing serious problems for thousands of PC's.
Just like all Rogue programs, Spyware Protection is injected into a computer through browser and OS security holes. Once Spyware Protection has gained access to your computer system without your permission you may start experiencing all types of strange things including hidden system settings or blockage of popular security programs. Spyware Protection will also show you various warning messages regarding computer security. You will see that Spyware Protection will present you with a list of threats that you have on your computer system but you need to know that these are all part of the malicious rogue creators big plans to steal your money.

What You need to know is that Spyware Protection is a useless program incapable of detecting nor removing real computer threats. Delete Spyware Protection from Your computer as soon as possible.

We analysed this software and saw that it may block all other programs or even hide the desktop with no way bypassing that. You ca use this serial number which will alow to gain access to Your machine.


NOTICE! by inserting the serial number you dont delete nor eliminate the software and it will still cooperate with other Trojan infections. You must delete the listed files to completely terminate Spyware Protection.

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