Windows Antispyware Solution

What is Windows Antispyware Solution?

Windows Antispyware Solution is a harmful rogue antispyware application out only to rip consumers off. It has no intention to live up to any of its over embellished promises, and will leave you with nothing more than an empty shell for your hard earned money. This harmful fake security application makes use of various nefarious ways to infiltrate its victims’ PCs, including fake malware scanners and bundled security updates and downloads obtained from third party websites. Browser hijackers are another popular way to spread the Windows Antispyware Solution infection, as they forcefully redirect users’ browsing sessions to their harmful sites where they seditious deposit the Windows Antispyware Solution Trojans into the host PCs.
Just after installation, Windows Antispyware Solution will start scanning the PC and will show various warning messages. All this is done to scare computer users and make them believe, that Windows Antispyware Solution is the only way to fix the computer. The most annoying thing about this program is that it blocks all the desktop and wont allow running any programs at all!

To bypass this blockage You must follow these simple steps - Click the URL in the bottom left of the Windows Antispyware Solution program. When a new window pops up, close this new window, and you will be able to close the nasty Windows Antispyware Solution program.

After this procedure Windows Antispyware Solution is still in Your computer. Do not become the next victim – delete Windows Antispyware Solution from your system without the slightest bit of delay.

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