Antivirus .NET

What is Antivirus .NET?

No matter how hard Antivirus .NET tries to convince you that it is a helpful software program, you mustn't fall for it. Antivirus .NET is no helpful software program and is actually the total opposite which is a nasty rogue antispyware application which has been created in order to trick users and present you with all types of computer problems. These computer problems may include an increasingly slow computer system as well as an increasingly slow internet connection.
Antivirus .NET gets into a computer when people try to install fake video codec's, click on a suspicious link or when they try to open a spam e-mail attachment. All of these actions will instantly inject a Trojan which gets series of commands and sooner or later Antivirus .NET will be on the infected computer. The main symptoms of the Antivirus .NET program may include, blockage of internet connection or any security program, massive amounts of annoying pop-up warning messages. All these listed facts clearly show that Antivirus .NET uses very aggressive and unethical marketing methods.

It is therefore within your best interest to proceed to remove Antivirus .NET from your PC so that you never have to fight with your computer system like this again. It is also very important to be in mind that no matter what happens, you should never purchase anything associated to the malicious Antivirus .NET.

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