Windows Universal Tool

What is Windows Universal Tool?

Windows Universal Tool is not just another rogue antispyware application as it is one of the latest rogues out there. Many computer systems could easily become infected with Windows Universal Tool at an alarming rate, because Windows Universal Tool employs Trojans and browser security holes to install itself into a computer. Thre trojans are usuelaly hidden in e-mail attachments, fake video codecs or can be engaged when a click is made on a suspicious pop-up.

Once Windows Universal Tool has gained access to your computer system without your permission you may start experiencing all types of strange things. The first thing to notice is the massive amounts of warning pop-ups shown again and again. Windows Universal Tool will also imitate running a full system scan reporting various errors. You will see that Windows Universal Tool will present you with a list of threats that you have on your computer system but you need to know that these are all part of the malicious rogue creators big plans to steal your money.

It is a serious threat to many computer users and Windows Universal Tool removal actions should be taken as soon as possible. Notice that Windows Universal Tool may block you from reaching Desktop, so You will need to do 3 simple steps:

When Windows Universal Tool appears, press the URL on the bottom left corner of the program.

  1. When the new page opens up, close this page, and immediately close the Windows Universal Tool program by clicking on the X mark.
  2. You should now be able to reach Your desktop and start removing the Windows Universal Tool infection.
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