Smart Internet Protection 2011

What is Smart Internet Protection 2011?

Despite the best efforts of the online security industry many PC owners are still falling prey to vicious lies spread by rogue antispyware applications such as Smart Internet Protection 2011. This harmful fake security application in particular will not let up until it successfully extorts its victim into paying for worthless software. Smart Internet Protection 2011 enters the system without the knowledge of the PC owner, and will remain stealth until such time it deems it pertinent to reveal itself to the user. It usually enters a computer by the help of Trojan which itself gets into a computer through browser security exploits or by opening a suspicious file/link.
Smart Internet Protection 2011 uses very aggressive marketing methods which include telling lies in pop-up warnings that look just as real Windows messages. It will also imitate a system scan and may report many infected files. In reality, Smart Internet Protection 2011 cant detect nor remove any real computer threats, and its only intention is to make people believe that it is the only way to fix a computer.

Warning, this parasite will block your Internet connection. Click here for instructions how to renew your Internet access.

If you value the safety and security of your PC, remove Smart Internet Protection 2011 immediately. Do this by investing in a properly functioning and updated security application which will not only detect and delete Smart Internet Protection 2011, but also offer adequate protection against similar future attacks and threats.

Warning! Parasite disables your Internet connection. See instructions here to reactive your Internet

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