Windows Health Center

What is Windows Health Center?

Windows Health Center is a program, we discovered, that is being pushed around the internet to random computer users that have some trojan infection. In the event that Windows Health Center should gain access to your computer, you need to be prepared. You should always have up to date software as well as learn how to detect it so that you can delete Windows Health Center immediately from your computer system should the need arise. If you receive computer security notifications as well as vast amounts of pop ups then this could be a telling sign that your computer system is at risk. If you see a system scan which produces scan report results then this is a very high indicating factor that your PC is in fact infected with Windows Health Center.
All the mentioned warning tricks are not real and were created by Windows Health Center program. This aggressive marketing method is used to scare amateur computer users and force the into purchasing a full Windows Health Center version which is useless. Our tests have shown that Windows Health Center is incapable of any malware removal. Be sure to understand that the report results which are generated are all false and are done so in an attempt to trick you into purchasing a full version and in the process stealing your hard earned money.

We noticed that this infection might lock Your screen and only show the Windows Health Center program. To regain access to your desktop:

  • Click the link at the bottom left side of the Windows Health Center program.
  • Close the newly opened window and you should be able to close the Windows Health Center program.

Notice that You only closed Windows Health Center for one time and it is still in Your computer. You must completely remove Windows Health Center from Your computer.

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