Latvijas Policijas Virus

What is Latvijas Policijas Virus?

Latvijas Policijas Virus is a computer infection which makes the computer inoperable and presents a bogus notification aimed at making the user believe that his or her computer is locked by the Latvian police. The impression that one is dealing with the police is created by an emblem of the police (Latvijas Policijas) and a faded flag of the country. Moreover, it is stated in the message that the user might have used copyrighted content, watched pornographic material or even have sent propaganda message. Disregard the charges provided, because you are dealing not with the police but with cyber criminals who wan to pay them money:

Naudas soda summa ir 50 LVL. Apmaksa jāveic 48 stundu laikā, pēc pārkāpšanas atklāšanas.

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The user has two options for paying the money which are either through Ukash or through Paysacefard. Theses services are also presented by other ransomware infections classified as Ukash viruses, and some of them are the following: Politia Romana Virus, Ministere de L'interieur Virus, Polizia Slovena Ransomware. If the virus is not removed from the system, the access to the system cannot be restored, unless you decide to reformat the hard drive and reinstall your operating system. Do not waste your time and money but download a reliable spyware removal tool which will also protect the computer against malware attacks in the future.

Our team recommends that you now follow our guidelines and install SpyHunter, which is a product for everyone who wants to browse the Internet safely. Once you are done with the removal, the system’s performance should start running smoothly, which will allow you to perform your every day task properly.

Read the following instructions to learn how to remove Latvijas Policijas Virus from the system:

For Windows Vista or Windows 7:

1. Reboot the PC.
2. While the system is loading up, press the F8 key.
3. Use arrow keys to select Safe Mode with Networking.
4. Press the Enter key.
5. Go to and download SpyHunter.
6. Install the program and scan the PC.

For Windows XP:

1. Repeat steps 1–4.
2. Click on the Yes button when a dialog box appears.
3. Go to the Start menu.
4. Launch Run.
5. In the white space given, type “msconfig” and press OK.
6. Click on the Startup tab.
7. Uncheck all startup entries.
8. Save the changes by clicking on Apply.
9. Download SpyHunter.
10. Restart the PC in Normal Mode and install the tool.
11. Run a scan to detect and remove the virus.

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