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DeltaTB.exe is a process file that is usually associated with Delta Search Toolbar. Sometimes the file remains on your computer even if you delete the toolbar itself. Although some security websites recognized DeltaTB.exe as a Trojan Downloader, it is very unlikely that this file could cause you any great damage. It is more of a nuisance that you should be removed from your system. It is a file that can be found in the Temps directory, and you can easily remove it on your own. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner and check whether you have any other residual and potentially dangerous files left in your system. Read more »


Adware.WSearch is an adware program that may manifest itself in constant pop-up advertisements on your dashboard. It has been there for a while now, as it is also known as Adware.Rugo and it has been first discovered in April 2007. This application has a moderate alert level, mostly because the only thing it does is displaying advertisements on your PC from time to time. However, due to the fact that the adware program enters your system surreptitiously, it should not be ignored. You have to remember that malware infections often find a way into your system via pop-up ads, so you have to remove Adware.WSearch from your PC to prevent possible malware intrusions. Read more »


Originally taskmgr.exe is a legitimate system process file that runs whenever you open Windows Task-Manager. It is basically impossible to imagine Windows operating system without this system utility, and therefore, taskmgr.exe is often used by scareware creators in fake error messages in order to scare inexperienced computer users and make them think that there is something utterly wrong with their systems. First of all, you cannot believe anything you see pop-up on your screen and in case the file is really infected, then you need to remove taskmgr.exe with a professional antimalware tool, otherwise you could seriously damage your system. Read more »

MediaGet Toolbar

MediaGet Toolbar

If you are looking for a new browser toolbar, researchers suggest you do not choose MediaGet Toolbar. This Conduit ltd product is quite suspicious, and so you should look out for a more reliable and beneficial tool. Have you already installed the application onto the computer and now your IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers have been hijacked? Read more »



DomaIQ is a monetizing platform developed by Tuguu SL. It is presented as a software installer, which offers the user to install some additional computer applications. The application is said to be easily integrated in a website, and the publisher can receive money after every single installation. The installation of the additional application is said to be optional; nevertheless, DomaIQ, available at, is known to have caused some troubles to the computer users, which is why it is highly advisable to remove it from the PC. Read more »



If you have discovered Tdefender.exe running on your operating Windows system, you must have already faced the fictitious anti-spyware tool Internet Security Pro. This fake AV tool belongs to the family of such malignant rogues as Internet Security 2014 and Privacy Protection. Needless to say, it is important that you delete these infectious programs and ignore their misleading scanner reports or recommendations to purchase the licensed malware removal tool. In case the rogue has not yet been activated on the PC but you have discovered the suspicious executable, researchers suggest you rush to remove it from the system. Of course, if you delete Tdefender.exe and leave other potentially running files running on the system, there is a great chance that your system will be corrupted soon enough. Please continue reading to learn more about the malicious rogue and its elements. Read more »


Csrss.exe is a legitimate Windows file, which is stored in the System 32 directory. Nevertheless, the files name may be used to hide malware, so if you are considering where to remove csrss.exe or not, you should not hurry to do it by yourself for you may accidentally remove the legitimate file. The safe file csrss.exe should not be removed from the Task Manager as it may cause some system performance-related problems. If you attempt to remove it, you will receive an error warning saying that csrss.exe is a critical system process. Read more »


iqs.exe is a file associated with Worm.Stekct. In fact, various sources claim that the file IS the worm infection, so if you see this file running in your processes list, then you need to acquire a powerful antimalware program immediately and remove iqs.exe at once, because worm infections are extremely dangerous. You may be not aware of the fact that you are infected for a significant period of time, and all the while iqs.exe would be working behind your back, spreading and replicating on its own. The worm cannot remain in your system, because it could download arbitrary files, infecting you with other malware applications. Read more »

Search Deals

Search Deals is a browser plugin that is supposed to help you save money on your purchases online. The official website for the plugin claims that there are more than 100 000 users loving this application. Nevertheless, security experts recommend being cautious about it, because it can be classified as potentially unwanted program. It is for the best to remove Search Deals from your computer right now, because as a potentially unwanted program this application could cause you a number of security risks, most of which are related to possible data leaks and malware infections. Do take your system security seriously and remove a plugin that you do not use. Read more »

Include-it is a domain which some computer users are well familiar with as they are redirected to the domain during their browsing sessions. It is highly important to remove, and you should do it with a highly professional spyware removal tool. Note that your browsing habits may be monitored by the processes associated with the program which promoted, which is why you should not postpone the removal and act right now. Read more »