What is DeltaTB.exe?

DeltaTB.exe is a process file that is usually associated with Delta Search Toolbar. Sometimes the file remains on your computer even if you delete the toolbar itself. Although some security websites recognized DeltaTB.exe as a Trojan Downloader, it is very unlikely that this file could cause you any great damage. It is more of a nuisance that you should be removed from your system. It is a file that can be found in the Temps directory, and you can easily remove it on your own. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner and check whether you have any other residual and potentially dangerous files left in your system.

Where does DeltaTB.exe come from?

Since DeltaTB.exe is associated with Delta Search Toolbar, it usually is installed on your computer along with freeware application. The free piece of software can be distributed by various means, so when you download a free application from a third party website, make sure that it is not bundled with additional programs you do not need. The thing is that you usually can choose whether you want to install additional software or not, but you need to untick the setup settings during the installation, otherwise DeltaTB.exe and the entire Delta Toolbar will be installed on your PC.

What does DeltaTB.exe do?

DeltaTB.exe may be responsible for displaying commercial advertisements and other annoying browser behavior. It can also track your web browsing habits to collect data and then generate a series of other pop-up ads based on your likes and preferences. It is not clear whether the file DeltaTB.exe itself is responsible for everything Delta Search Toolbar does, but keeping in mind that it is a process file you can find on your Task Manager, we can assume that if the file is running, so is Delta Search Toolbar.

How to remove DeltaTB.exe?

It is obvious that if DeltaTB.exe has come with Delta Search Toolbar, then you need to remove the toolbar first, in order to get rid of the file. Nevertheless, sometimes the file remains on your system even if you terminate the toolbar. In such a case, you should rename the file to DeltaTB.txt, open it in notepad and delete all the text. Then you will be able to remove the file itself just by deleting it. Also, you are always encouraged to scan your PC with SpyHunter and check whether there are any other potentially unwanted files or programs left in your system. Take all the necessary prevention measures to make sure that your PC is protected from harm.

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