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New Zealand E-Crime Lab Virus

If New Zealand E-Crime Lab Virus is your major concern at the moment, you should not wait any longer and remove it from the PC. New Zealand E-Crime Lab Virus is a ransomware infection which locks the system down and demands that the user pay a fine of NZ$100 via Ukash. The computer is said to be blocked because of some illegal activities performed by the user. There are tens of various variants of the threat which attempt to scare the users into thinking that they have to pay the release fee immediately. If you do now want to be one of those unlucky users who have lost their money, remove New Zealand E-Crime Lab Virus from the PC as soon as you can. Read more »

Brothersoft Toolbar

Brothersoft Toolbar

Brothersoft Toolbar, or B1 Toolbar, is a browser plugin which can be downloaded from the official web page, and which provides easy-access links to Facebook, YouTube, Pricegong and other services. The toolbar itself is not malicious; however, the services promoted through it should be handled with care. You should be most cautious about the and the customized Conduit web search. These search tools have been discovered to prioritize third-party advert-supported search results rather than the useful ones. This is the main reason why we recommend that you remove Brothersoft Toolbar from the PC and delete programs which come bundled with it. Read more »

Ministry Of Public Safety New Zealand Virus

Ministry Of Public Safety New Zealand Virus is a computer infection that manifests itself by blocking your desktop access. It is classified as ransomware infection and it is only one of the many malicious applications that terrorize computer users worldwide. As you can guess from its headline, Ministry Of Public Safety New Zealand Virus infects users in New Zealand, trying to convince them that their computers are locked by the national law enforcement authority’s office. The real situation is completely different and it calls for immediate action – you must remove Ministry Of Public Safety New Zealand Virus from your computer otherwise your desktop will remain locked. Read more »

Video Converter Toolbar

Video Converter Toolbar is a computer application which promotes Conduit Search, and which works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. It is advisable to remove the toolbar as it can alter the settings of the system and affect your browsing sessions. Video Convert Toolbar can be downloaded for,, and some other websites. Read more »


Sometimes computer security software detects new reliable software as something potentially malicious and then a lot of computer users are left flustered. We can easily illustrate it with the case of mal/htmlgen-a. Judging from its name one could make a guess that it is a generic malicious program users encounter on the Internet. However, after a little bit more of research it was possible to figure out that mal/htmlgen-a was just a false positive. A false alarm in other words, raised by one of the security software applications. If your security software is claiming that a webpage you are trying to access is infected with mal/htmlgen-a, then you definitely need to update your antimalware application. Read more »

Fox News Toolbar

Fox News Toolbar

Even though Fox News Toolbar is not a dangerous computer infection, you may risk your virtual security if you choose to download it and then pay no attention to the installation process. researchers have discovered that the program comes bundled with a number of different programs, some of which could bring you trouble. It is most important to stay cautious about the Conduit search tools which could be installed together. Note that this means that your home page and search provider settings will be reconfigured. Contrary to the common belief, these changes are not illegal. Even though it may seem as if the toolbar acts as a browser hijacker, in reality, you are given an option to accept or reject the changes during the installation. Do you want to delete Fox News Toolbar and remove the undesirable search tools? Then continue reading to learn how to do it. Read more »

Once becomes your home page and default search provider without your own knowledge, you need to scan your PC and remove all of the malicious components which may have enabled a highly dangerous browser hijacker. In case the website was authentic, you would be informed about the changes and asked for permission. If you are 100% sure that the changes to your Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers have been performed unlawfully, then you need to rush to have deleted from the system. Have you set this search provider as the home page yourself and now do not know how to remove it? We can help you get rid of the undesirable tools and remove malware without much trouble. All you have to do if follow the information provided below. Read more »

When you open, it seems that the website is no more different from the Google search engine, but the size of the Google logo should make you suspicious about it immediately. Actually, can be classified as browser hijacker, because your home page gets changed to this address without your permission. Although the website itself does not seem to be dangerous, it is only a matter of time until you get redirected to a number of associated web pages related to malware distribution. If you don’t want to get infected with serious computer threats, you need to remove from your PC right now. Read more »

The National Crime Prevention unit Virus

The National Crime Prevention unit Virus is a ransomware infection which gets to the PC without the user’s consent. The threat is known as a Trojan horse, and it has a considerable number of variants, spread around the world. The National Crime Prevention unit Virus is a computer infection aimed at deceiving the computer users in Ireland. Moreover, due to the headings and the institutions presented in the warning displayed by the infection, The National Crime Prevention unit Virus is also referred to as GARDA Virus. It is crucial that you remove the infection; otherwise you will not be able to use the machine. Read more »


GARDA Virus is a computer infection, or a Trojan horse, which is categorized as ransomware. It can get to the PC in different ways of social engineering and makes unauthorized changes in the system, which ends up with lock-down of the system. When GARDA Virus or any other ransomware infections is installed, no activities can be undertaken. You will not be able to use the machine as instead of the desktop you will see the GARDA warning, which is presented in order to threaten the user and make him or her pay a considerable sum of money. Read more »