What is iqs.exe?

iqs.exe is a file associated with Worm.Stekct. In fact, various sources claim that the file IS the worm infection, so if you see this file running in your processes list, then you need to acquire a powerful antimalware program immediately and remove iqs.exe at once, because worm infections are extremely dangerous. You may be not aware of the fact that you are infected for a significant period of time, and all the while iqs.exe would be working behind your back, spreading and replicating on its own. The worm cannot remain in your system, because it could download arbitrary files, infecting you with other malware applications.

Where does iqs.exe come from?

Since iqs.exe is identified as Worm.Stekct, it may also be known as Worm.Daws, Worm.Multim and even Trojan.Comisproc. Keeping in mind that this threat has so many aliases, iqs.exe could be a component for multiple infections, so you need to make sure to avoid it. This worm usually spreads via fake social engineering messages on social networking websites or through Internet IM programs. The target receives a message with a hyperlink, and if he/she clicks it, the person gets infected with iqs.exe automatically. The worm is known to use AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other popular programs for its distribution network.

What does iqs.exe do?

Just like most of the worm files, once iqs.exe is up and running, it connects to a remote host at in order to download and execute a number of files. You cannot rule out the possibility that the worm connects to the Internet behind your back in order to download even more malware onto your PC. Also, the worm makes sure that a list of its files are added into the list of trusted processes, so they would run automatically each time you turn on your PC, and so that they would not be inspected by security products. What is more, the worm is known to delete particular processes and files, including egui.exe, msseces.exe, svhost.exe and so on.

How to remove iqs.exe?

In order to remove this file you need to terminate the entire infection. Run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner to check what malicious files are present in your system. It is very likely that you are infected with something else besides iqs.exe, because malware infections seldom come alone. Also, although manual worm removal is possible, it is extremely hard to carry out if you are not a computer expert, so it is for the best to acquire a legitimate computer security program and remove iqs.exe automatically along with other dangerous infections. Protect your computer from harm by safeguarding it right now! 100% FREE spyware scan and
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