What is csrss.exe?

Csrss.exe is a legitimate Windows file, which is stored in the System 32 directory. Nevertheless, the files name may be used to hide malware, so if you are considering where to remove csrss.exe or not, you should not hurry to do it by yourself for you may accidentally remove the legitimate file. The safe file csrss.exe should not be removed from the Task Manager as it may cause some system performance-related problems. If you attempt to remove it, you will receive an error warning saying that csrss.exe is a critical system process.

The malign csrss.exe

The malicious file using the name csrss.exe may dramatically affect the overall performance of the system. For example, the threat is known to be able to disable access to the Windows Registry Editor, Windows Security Center, Task Manager and some other parts of the system. Moreover, the file may affect the browsers. It is possible that the malicious csrss.exe will alter the Windows Hosts file in order to prevent you from visiting some websites, or will try to make you visit a particular web page. Furthermore, the file may be used to record the information about browsing sessions. IP addresses and the time spent on the websites may be collected and set to remote servers. As csrss.exe can disable Windows Security Center, you may not receive Firewall alerts and notifications about the system updates.

The malicious file is also capable of other actions which you may not be aware of. It can modify the running processes, execute new processes, and so on. However, you may notice the speed of the PC has decreased, which should encourage you to run a full system scan to ascertain what unauthorized changed have been made.

How to remove csrss.exe?

We recommend that you use SpyHunter in order to scan the PC. This tool will examine the system and provided you with the scan results. By investing in this software, you make sure that your privacy will be protected as not threats will access the system.

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