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AppIntegrator64.exe is a process file that is associated with My Web Search browser plugin. If you have this process file running in your Task Manager, then it is very likely that you have installed and downloaded freeware applications that are bundled with My Web Search. This potentially unwanted program changes your home page address and default search engine to In general, there is nothing malicious about AppIntegrator64.exe or My Web Search, but it could pose certain security risks and in order to avoid them, you need to remove this application. Naturally, once you remove My Web Search, AppIntegrator64.exe will be removed from your system automatically as well. Read more »



Infoaxe or Flipora Hijacker is a suspicious computer application which may initiate the unauthorized changes within your Internet Explorer browser. Some researchers recognize the threat as Spyware.Infoaxe, and the main task for it is to take over your browser and initiate the activity of a malicious browser helper object (BHO). The program may monitor your online activity and send the collected information to a remote server. Of course, this activity is performed without your knowledge and notice, which is why you may miss the necessary removal of the browser hijacker. Regardless, you definitely need to delete Infoaxe from the operating Windows system. Please continue reading to learn more about the hijacker and its removal. Read more »


VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator is a malicious infection that has a vast number of aliases. It means that a lot of programs may be detected under the same name. The main purpose of all the programs that are detected as VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator is to hide and protect other malicious infections from detection by antivirus programs. It means that if you are infected with VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator, it is very likely that your computer is full of other malware applications. Therefore, in order to remove VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator, you need to terminate all the other computer threats as well. Do not overlook this infection, because it may result in an sensitive information theft and an ultimate system crash. Read more »


UpdateTask.exe is a process file that belongs to a number of programs and applications. There are up to 29 versions of this file, and it ranges from being a legitimate system file to a malicious worm infection. In order to figure out whether you should block and remove UpdateTask.exe, you are recommended to run a full system scan with SpyHunter scanner, and the scan will determine whether the running process is malicious or not. Should you be infected with the malicious version of UpdateTask.exe, remove the file and related computer threats immediately with a legitimate antispyware tool. Read more »


Trojan.BHO is not just one particular computer infection. There is an entire group of computer malware applications that fall under this name and category. As you can tell, this infection is a Trojan which means it enters the system surreptitiously and then causes erratic browser behavior. BHO attached to its name means Browser Helper Object. Thus Trojan.BHO is a computer infection that targets your browser – it may forcefully redirect you to corrupted websites, cause a number of annoying pop-ups and so on. It is important that you detect and remove Trojan.BHO before it is too late to do anything about this infection. Read more »


PUP.installbrain is a computer infection which is likely to get to the PC without your permission. If your security tool reports that the threat in question is present within the system, you should immediately remove it from the PC. Different malware experts categorize this threat differently. PUP.installbrain has been dubbed adware or Trojan horse; nevertheless, it should not be left within the system. The threat has been found in a number of countries, including India, Thailand, Zambia, and a lot of European countries, and if you are one of those who have become a victim of the threat, take immediate actions to get rid of it. Read more »

Montera Toolbar

Montera Toolbar is a browser add-on which is developed by Montera Technologies Ltd. Montera Toolbar may also refer to the products created by the company. For example, your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox can be affected by Claro Search Toolbar or Tovero Toolbar, both of which changes the home page and search provider of the browsers. Read more »

You Steal Music I Lock Your PC

You Steal Music I Lock Your PC’ is a malicious infection which takes over the operating Windows system and blocks access to the desktop as soon as your personal computer boots up. researchers have discovered that the threat reconfigures the BIOS, so that you could not access it. Without a doubt, this may create serious removal issues because of the disabled access to the Safe Mode. The infection manifests through a screen-locking alert which suggests that your PC has been blocked due to some illegal music downloading or distribution. Read more »

Spy Alert

Spy Alert

Spy Alert is not an application you should trust blindly. In many cases it has been noticed to act as an adware program, which means that it may expose you to highly irritating, misleading and dangerous online adverts. It is notable that in some cases this particular application does not need your personal consent to be installed onto the computer. Without a doubt, this is illegal, and you should be extremely careful with any unauthorized application running on the computer. In the worst case scenario, this could disclose security vulnerabilities for much more clandestine and malicious programs, like Trojans or keyloggers. This is the most important reason why you should delete Spy Alert from the operating Windows system. Read more »

Rally Toolbar

Rally Toolbar

Rally Toolbar is a browser extension that provides you notifications from your Facebook account. If you have this plugin installed, Rally Toolbar will have all the notification buttons that you usually encounter on your Facebook page. This extension is not a computer infection, but it could be related to a number of security threats. Not to mention that Rally Toolbar is able to collect your web browsing information via cookies and if this information gets hacked by a malicious third party, you could experience serious consequences. Therefore, this plugin is considered to be a potentially unwanted application, and you are strongly advised to remove Rally Toolbar from your PC right now. Read more »