What is taskmgr.exe?

Originally taskmgr.exe is a legitimate system process file that runs whenever you open Windows Task-Manager. It is basically impossible to imagine Windows operating system without this system utility, and therefore, taskmgr.exe is often used by scareware creators in fake error messages in order to scare inexperienced computer users and make them think that there is something utterly wrong with their systems. First of all, you cannot believe anything you see pop-up on your screen and in case the file is really infected, then you need to remove taskmgr.exe with a professional antimalware tool, otherwise you could seriously damage your system.

Is taskmgr.exe a virus?

taskmgr.exe is definitely not a virus. The legitimate file keeps track of all your system processes and applications, allowing you to check the current CPU and RAM usage. What is more, with this system utility you can kill any active process on your PC, allowing you to manage your system resources. The legitimate taskmgr.exe file is located at C:\Windows\System32 directory, but if the file running in your system or in your Task Manager is located anywhere else on your disk, then it is not a Microsoft product, and you are most probably infected with a Trojan, a worm or any other infection.

When is taskmgr.exe malicious?

Usually, there are two main ways how taskmgr.exe file could be used to confuse or scare you. First, it can be used in fake alerts displayed by scareware or rogue antispyware. Such alerts claim that there are certain errors with taskmgr.exe, and you can fix them if you purchase the full version of a particular (fake!) security program.

Another possibility involves taskmgr.exe itself, when it simply copies the name of the legitimate file, but in reality it belongs to a malicious infection. The best way to figure out whether taskmgr.exe is malicious is to check its location (just as it has been mentioned in a paragraph above). It can be a malicious component of many computer threats, so if you found a rogue file dropped where it is not supposed to be, get ready for malware removal.

How to remove taskmgr.exe?

If the file in question is malicious, it means that it belongs to a malware program that has infected your computer. It may be a Trojan, a worm, rogue antispyware or any other computer threat. Run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner and you will receive a list of computer infections immediately. Then invest in a powerful antimalware application to remove taskmgr.exe and all the other infections automatically. Keep in mind, that with an automated computer security tool, you will be able to safeguard your system against similar infection in the future.

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