Monthly Archives: April 2009

Malware Cleaner

Malware Cleaner is a phony anti-spyware application that should not be confused with the retail Norma Malware Cleaner program. Malware Cleaner is much different from any type of legitimate malware removal application. Malware Cleaner is basically rogue security software that uses dishonest tactics aiding in the extortion of money from computer users. One of the devious attempts to convince computer users to purchase Malware Cleaner is through a fake Windows Security Center notification recommending virus protection. Read more »


Conficker.E is another version of the Conficker Worm. The authors of Conficker have created Conficker.E as an update to previous versions to use a new tactic of spreading or downloading the rogue anti-spyware program Spyware Protect 2009. Conficker.E is also known to download W32.Waledac Trojan, which is an older Trojan infection that could steal password information and transfer information through remote connections. Read more »

AV Antispyware

AV Antispyware is an application that uses various deceiving tactics to get computer users to purchase a full version of the AV Antispyware program. AV Antispyware is a clone of MS Antispyware 2009, which is also another rogue anti-spyware application. AV Antispyware or AVAntispyware, is usually installed and advertised through a Trojan horse infection. Read more »

HomeAntivirus 2009

HomeAntivirus 2009, or Home Antivirus 2009, is a deceitful application that is designed to extort money from you through various fake advertising messages and system scans. HomeAntivirus 2009 is offered as a security protection program for Windows claiming to provide firewall protection, block popups and protect your system from threats. All of these functions are not part of the HomeAntivirus 2009 application but used to making you think HomeAntivirus 2009 will provide you with a high level of protection. Read more »

Antivirus '09

Antivirus '09 or Antivirus09, is a bogus anti-spyware application that loads fake infection warnings. Antivirus '09 may be pushed by Trojans (such as Zlob) through fake security warnings or popup messages. You may think that the trial version of Antivirus '09 will assist you with detection and removal of spyware but it will not. Antivirus '09 in the full purchased version does no more than the trial version. After Antivirus '09 is installed, it will continually attempt to lure you into purchasing the Antivirus '09 licensed program. Antivirus '09 is an absolute waste of money if you ever purchase it. Read more »


Rootkit.TDSS or Rootkit.TDss, is a malevolent rootkit parasite that is able to open up your system to outside attacks. Rootkit.TDSS enables remote hackers to gain access to your computer and use it to carry out malicious functions or actions over the internet. Rootkit.TDSS can be hidden residing in the system memory. Rootkit.TDSS may also block access to security related sites or applications preventing removal and detection in some cases. Read more »

Virus Sweeper

Virus Sweeper, also known as VirusSweeper, is a fake anti-spyware program that may come from a Trojan horse infection. Virus Sweeper, once installed, prompts you with multiple bogus popup messages. If any of the Virus Sweeper popup messages are clicked on then it may redirect you to a malicious website that advertises rogue anti-spyware programs. Read more »