Malware Cleaner

What is Malware Cleaner?

Malware Cleaner is a phony anti-spyware application that should not be confused with the retail Norma Malware Cleaner program. Malware Cleaner is much different from any type of legitimate malware removal application. Malware Cleaner is basically rogue security software that uses dishonest tactics aiding in the extortion of money from computer users. One of the devious attempts to convince computer users to purchase Malware Cleaner is through a fake Windows Security Center notification recommending virus protection.
Malware Cleaner may be offered as a trial version with a 60-day trial period. This can be very confusing to computer users because when a user sees a trial period it gives them the impression that Malware Cleaner is worth trying. Surprisingly, Malware Cleaner will remove parasites but they were discovered to be fake infection files dropped by Malware Cleaner during its installation or scan process. Remove Malware Cleaner immediately to avoid potential damage to your system. Do not ever purchase the Malware Cleaner application for any reason. You may never get your money back if you do.

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