Antivirus '09

What is Antivirus '09?

Antivirus '09 or Antivirus09, is a bogus anti-spyware application that loads fake infection warnings. Antivirus '09 may be pushed by Trojans (such as Zlob) through fake security warnings or popup messages. You may think that the trial version of Antivirus '09 will assist you with detection and removal of spyware but it will not. Antivirus '09 in the full purchased version does no more than the trial version. After Antivirus '09 is installed, it will continually attempt to lure you into purchasing the Antivirus '09 licensed program. Antivirus '09 is an absolute waste of money if you ever purchase it.
Antivirus '09 may display an alert message similar to the following:

"Malware or Advertising item was detected by Antivirus'09! Detected Virus:Downloader.Small-772
Malicious object can corrupt your computer files and documents, and steel you personal data such as credit card info or email accounts! Register to protect from next attack!

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