HomeAntivirus 2009

What is HomeAntivirus 2009?

HomeAntivirus 2009, or Home Antivirus 2009, is a deceitful application that is designed to extort money from you through various fake advertising messages and system scans. HomeAntivirus 2009 is offered as a security protection program for Windows claiming to provide firewall protection, block popups and protect your system from threats. All of these functions are not part of the HomeAntivirus 2009 application but used to making you think HomeAntivirus 2009 will provide you with a high level of protection.
HomeAntivirus 2009 is unable to detect or remove any type of computer infection. Once HomeAntivirus 2009 is installed it may load at windows startup where it runs fake system scans that report bogus results and popup up messages warning you of additional infections on your computer. Do not ever trust these notifications or scan results from HomeAntivirus 2009. HomeAntivirus 2009 is known to ensure a refund if you are not satisfied with the program but we have come to find out that there is no such of an offer. If you purchase HomeAntivirus 2009, you will surly never see the money you spent again.

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