Virus Sweeper

What is Virus Sweeper?

Virus Sweeper, also known as VirusSweeper, is a fake anti-spyware program that may come from a Trojan horse infection. Virus Sweeper, once installed, prompts you with multiple bogus popup messages. If any of the Virus Sweeper popup messages are clicked on then it may redirect you to a malicious website that advertises rogue anti-spyware programs.
Virus Sweeper is also known to automatically start system scans on your computer. The results of Virus Sweeper's scan are phony and used as a scare tactic in hopes that you will purchase a full version of Virus Sweeper to remove the threats. Do not make this mistake. Purchasing Virus Sweeper will only disappoint you because the full version, just like the trial version, is not capable of detecting or removing any type of computer parasite. Removal of Virus Sweeper is essential to avoid getting yourself into this situation or risking damage to your computer.

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