What is Rootkit.TDSS?

Rootkit.TDSS or Rootkit.TDss, is a malevolent rootkit parasite that is able to open up your system to outside attacks. Rootkit.TDSS enables remote hackers to gain access to your computer and use it to carry out malicious functions or actions over the internet. Rootkit.TDSS can be hidden residing in the system memory. Rootkit.TDSS may also block access to security related sites or applications preventing removal and detection in some cases.


Rootkit.TDSS is a type of computer malware that breach your privacy and tries to stay hidden from the security products at all cost. The dangerous thing about Rootkit.TDSS is that it is even able to run in Safe Mode, so the only way to deal with this malware is to remove it completely from your system.

There are many types of Rootkit.TDSS circulating around, but all of them are known to steal your private information (for example, banking logins and passwords), hijack your browser to redirect you to malware-related websites and install other additional infections like Trojans, worms or rogue antispyware. What is more the Rootkit.TDSS that resides in your computer might use your machine and your bandwidth to participate in the DDoS attack without you even knowing it. It can also block certain programs from running.

Manual Rootkit.TDSS is especially tricky, because this rootkit hides its components all over the system, disguising its files as .dll files and even injects itself into the system memory. That also adds up to the reasons why it is hard to detect Rootkit.TDSS, but the main reason is that there is an endless list of aliases Rootkit.TDSS goes by. For example, TDSS.d!men or BackDoor.Tdss.5070.

If you are a computer expert you can refer to the list of files related to Rootkit.TDSS and try to remove it on your own, but if you hardly can tell apart a .dll file and an .exe file it is better to erase Rootkit.TDSS automatically with a reliable antimalware program. This way you will avoid such things as accidentally removing an important system file, and the up-to-date program will protect your computer from other threats.

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