What is Conficker.E?

Conficker.E is another version of the Conficker Worm. The authors of Conficker have created Conficker.E as an update to previous versions to use a new tactic of spreading or downloading the rogue anti-spyware program Spyware Protect 2009. Conficker.E is also known to download W32.Waledac Trojan, which is an older Trojan infection that could steal password information and transfer information through remote connections.

Conficker Worm is a computer infection that spreads via MS08-067 exploit. Conficker.E is similar to the previous variants of Conficker, only it was updated on April 8th to have the ability to propagate and infect users through peer-to-peer networks. Conficker.E could aid to the spread of fake anti-spyware applications. It is very important to detect and remove Conficker.E to prevent installation of other malware or rogue anti-spyware programs such as Spyware Protect 2009.

Conficker.E Bad Behavior:

  • Conficker.E may install without your consent.
  • Conficker.E may install other types of spyware/adware.
  • Conficker.E may compromise your privacy and security.
  • Conficker.E may be difficult to uninstall.
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Conficker.E – Manual Removal Instructions:

WARNING: Conficker.E manual detection and removal process is difficult. You're required to access sensitive files in your machine. NOT recommended unless you're an expert in this field.

Conficker.E Tips & Warnings

Why use the Conficker Removal Tool?

  • Conficker.E is difficult to remove and sometimes hard to detect.
  • Manually going through your system can prove to be time consuming and ineffective.
  • You run the possible risk of damaging your computer or losing important data.
  • To check for Conficker.E, we recommend you use Free Conficker Removal Tool.

How do I know I have Conficker.E on my computer?

Good question! The first step in detecting and removing Conficker.E is by asking yourself whether or not your computer has been infected. Conficker.E, as well as other unwanted software, can be difficult to detect and even more difficult to remove but knowing the Conficker.E symptoms can start you on the road to having a Conficker.E-free computer.

Conficker.E Symptoms

If you answer "yes" to any of the Conficker.E symptoms listed below, you may have Conficker.E or other types of parasites installed on your computer. Keep in mind that the symptoms of Conficker.E and other unwanted software infections vary.

Conficker.E may install without your knowledge or consent. Downloading shareware/freeware software or visiting questionable websites might lead to a Conficker.E infection. Once installed, Conficker.E can compromise your privacy by transmitting your personal information and downloading popup advertisements.

Conficker.E may monitor your surfing habits. Once installed, Conficker.E or other types of parasites can do almost anything. It can tracks which websites you visited or what terms you've typed. Spyware uses your information to deliver targeted ads to you. Also, data of your surfing activities may be sold to third parties.

Slow computer performance. A sluggish computer is one of the easiest signs that you have been infected with Conficker.E. Conficker.E and other unwanted sofware use your computer's resources to do its nasty tasks such as displaying popups or tracking your surfing activities. If you see your computer is slowing down dramatically or crashing a lot, you may be infected with an unwanted software.

Help! I have Conficker.E. What do I do?

Your privacy has been compromised and you no longer have control over your computer. What do you do? You panic and try to search for the number of a computer repair company? No! The best approach is to find a reliable anti-spyware program to run a spyware check. Once the anti-spyware software has identified the harmful files, you can easily remove all the files with a click of a button.

If you're not computer savy and you think you've been infected with Conficker.E, download Free Conficker Removal Tool to automatically remove any Conficker.E files.

Also, we recommend that you DO NOT reformat your computer, reformatting should be your last resort. Reformatting will erase the contents of your hard-drive and you'll have to reinstall every software you had before. 100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Conficker.E*

  1. Thanks for the great tool! I have used it for myself and about 3 friends. Do you know if Conficker can turn off your Automatic updated?

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