Vuze Toolbar

What is Vuze Toolbar?

Vuze toolbar is a browser hijacker that usually gets installed on a target computer together with Vuze BitTorrent program. It happens when a user goes through an installation process blindly, without checking what other programs get installed on his computer. Vuze toolbar is compatible with the latest versions of Windows, and can get installed on all main Internet browsers. Despite the fact, that Vuze toolbar looks like a useful browser extension, in reality it causes a lot of problems and needs to be removed immediately.

For one, Vuze toolbar changes your default homepage and default search engine settings. This means that all your searches could be redirected to suspicious or Vuze-related websites that actually have nothing in common with whatever you have been searching for. It does not necessarily mean that Vuzen toolbar redirects you to malicious websites, but you can never know what kind of advertisements you will encounter there and how it will influence your browsing further on.

Mind you, dangerous commercial pop-ups are also a common symptom of this infection. You can never know where you can land once you click on any of these advertisements. It could be possible that in the long run you get infected with various Trojans and what not. Also, the search engine provided by Vuze toolbar does not perform its functions to the fullest. By redirecting your searches it simply generates more revenue for Vuze toolbar.

To put it simply, you need to remove Vuze toolbar from your browser, before it managed to cause a lot of trouble. Although it IS possible to remove it manually, it is not recommended to inexperienced users. It would be for the best to acquire a computer security program and terminate Vuze toolbar automatically.

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