Redirection Virus

What is Redirection Virus? virus) looks like a regular search engine; however, this plug-in is a malicious browser hijacker that could initiate multiple pop-ups to appear on your screen whenever you try to browse the web or use your personal accounts. The installation of this browser add-on does not require extensive authorization protocols, as it is most usual for this program to travel with bundled software. The application could be downloaded alongside free video codecs, media players and other similar pieces of software, and if that has already happened, it is certain that you will want to remove the minute you finish reading this report.


When you enter the official website of, you will be informed that this browser extension has no illegitimate purposes and is simply meant to simplify the entire browsing experience. This, of course, is not true, and if you download, you will not “Make Life Snappy”, and will instead face the risk of being bombarded by completely bogus, misleading advertisements that could hide seriously malicious cyber criminals’ tools. Schemers could implement the attractive presence of the plug-in to hide browser helper objects, which are supposed to spy on your browsing sessions. This is not safe, as cyber crooks could use this to produce such advertisements that would attract you to at least click on them for more information. Sometimes one single click could do the job, and more malware could be infiltrated.

If you do not want your data to be distributed to third parties and you have no wish to have your digital security breached by other infections, it would be best if you removed without wasting another minute. If you want to delete the plug-in manually, you should turn on the browser, locate tools to manage extensions/add-ons and remove them from the lists; nonetheless, since is known to be associated with other infections, it is very important to have your PC protected with automatic malware removal tools or at least have the computer scanned for possibly existing viruses. And remember that you should only use those search engines, toolbars and extensions that are reliable, legitimate and do not have a secret agenda of causing you financial loss.

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