Firefox Redirect Virus

What is Firefox Redirect Virus?

Firefox Redirect Virus is a compound computer infection that affects your browser and does not allow you to navigate the Internet the way you were used to. Firefox Redirect Virus can manifest itself as a browser hijacker or a complementary toolbar that you don't remember installing at all. When your Mozilla Firefox browser gets affected by this malware, your default homepage get changed and it is very likely that instead of accessing the default search engine page, you are forcefully redirected to malware-related search engines.

Firefox Redirect Virus affects your search results in a way that when you try to click on a search result you've been looking for, you get redirected to a website that has nothing in common with what you were searching for. The website is very likely to have commercial advertisements popping up out of nowhere, luring you to click on them. For one, if you click on such ads at a suspicious website, you might get infected with adware. Even worse - it is common for unfamiliar websites to host such computer infections as Trojans or rogue antispyware.

With constant redirections Firefox Redirect Virus ears advertising money for commercial sites and interferes with your browsing habits. Firefox Redirect Virus is not a very dangerous infection in itself, the danger lies in what it can bring to your computer later on. For example, with all the redirections you might land on a website that hosts a dangerous infection and it might find an easy way into your computer the moment you click on anything on the said website.

Therefore, it is important that your remove Firefox Redirect Virus before it manages to cause you a lot of trouble. Acquire a computer security program that recognizes Firefox Redirect Virus as an unwanted application and then terminates it immediately. A computer security program will also scan your system for any other possible infections.

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