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Adware.WSearch is an adware program that may manifest itself in constant pop-up advertisements on your dashboard. It has been there for a while now, as it is also known as Adware.Rugo and it has been first discovered in April 2007. This application has a moderate alert level, mostly because the only thing it does is displaying advertisements on your PC from time to time. However, due to the fact that the adware program enters your system surreptitiously, it should not be ignored. You have to remember that malware infections often find a way into your system via pop-up ads, so you have to remove Adware.WSearch from your PC to prevent possible malware intrusions. Read more »


Bridge.dll is a file associated with adware. It is also known as a browser helper object (BHO), which is used for monitoring the user’s browsing session. If your receive warning informing you about the bridge.dll, your PC is likely to be infected with an adware application. One of the programs that can drop bridge.dll is Adware.WinFavorites, which, of course, creates its startup entry in the Registry. The removal of bridge.dll is a must in order to browse the Internet without being monitored by a third-party, which  may use the collected  information for various purposes. Read more »


Even though it may seem as if BrowserDefender.exe is a computer file which can help you protect your Internet browsers, in reality, this component is just another adware helper. As research shows, this executable file may belong to Bit89 Inc. or PerformerSoft LLC. The first company is known for highly suspicious browser plugins which are powered through adware and which are supposed to present you with monetization services. It appears that both of the companies are closely knit, as such PerformerSoft programs as Audio Performer, Codec Performer or Driver Performer could potentially be affiliated to the adware plugins. We strongly recommend that you remove BrowserDefender.exe from your personal computer, and the information below explains why and how to delete this executable. If you are struggling with the removal of programs linked to the file – post a comment below and we will help you as soon as possible. Read more »


If you have installed TidyNetwork are reading this report, it is very likely that you are concerned about tidy2update.exe. The application which drops the file in question is a browser add-on which generates various coupons, offers, and advertisements, which you may not like. If you do not like the application, not only should you remove tidy2update.exe but other components of the program as well. Read more »


AppIntegrator64.exe is a process file that is associated with My Web Search browser plugin. If you have this process file running in your Task Manager, then it is very likely that you have installed and downloaded freeware applications that are bundled with My Web Search. This potentially unwanted program changes your home page address and default search engine to In general, there is nothing malicious about AppIntegrator64.exe or My Web Search, but it could pose certain security risks and in order to avoid them, you need to remove this application. Naturally, once you remove My Web Search, AppIntegrator64.exe will be removed from your system automatically as well. Read more »

White Trader Virus

White Trader Virus is an irritating adware program which may flood you with various pop-up adverts whenever you surf Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or other popular browsers. As the researchers at have discovered, the questionable program may be linked to a number of suspicious and dangerous processes. Therefore, you should delete White Trader Virus from the computer if it is running on your operating Windows system. How can you tell if the threat is active within the computer? Any computer infection is bound to cause some computer/browser dysfunctions and symptoms; however, if you want to be 100% sure – install an authentic and reliable spyware scanner to inspect the computer. SpyHunter offers a free-of-charge tool which you can install by clicking on the download button below. Read more » is a platform that virtual advertisers could use to promote their own products. According to researchers, cyber criminals often pay money to authentic advertisers in order to have their deceiving and dangerous online offers presented to you. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you act cautiously with the online offers, coupons, surveys and advertisements presented to you by this particular platform. Since the main purpose behind such systems is to generate profit, you can never be too sure of what the real intensions behind the displayed adware could be, particularly because once you click on the misleading ad, AdNetwork takes no responsibility of what may happen. Please continue reading to learn how to remove ads from your internet browsers. Read more »


It may seem that Macromedia.exe is an executable file related to Macromedia flash application. However, the truth is that this file is a CPU miner that generates Bitcoins. Therefore, the file is classified as potentially dangerous application, and it is in your best interest to remove Macromedia.exe from your computer as soon as possible. Although the Bitcoin miner itself does not pose great threat to your system, it can connect to the internet behind your back and download more malware onto your computer. It is possible for Macromedia.exe to download spyware and Trojan infections onto your system, which only adds up to a list of reasons why you should terminate the file. Read more »


BabMaint.exe is an executable file representing various browser plugins which are available for your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. In some cases the executable is known as redirect.js or babmaint.x, and it has been noticed to run as a web-page redirector. This may manifest on your browsers once you are rerouted to unfamiliar sites or advertisements are opened in new tabs and windows. Even though this activity is not illegal, you are most likely to find it disturbing. It is not recommended that you run the executable on the operating Windows system, and if you wish to learn how to remove BabMaint.exe – continue reading. Read more »


Win32/OpenCandy is also known as Adware:Win32/OpenCandy. The application has been developed to enter your personal computer, discover your browsing preferences and flood your browsers with various online offers and deals. Advertisements presented by the application should not be trusted at any point because some of them could be employed as Windows security backdoors to infect your personal computer with secondary spyware. researchers warn that this activity is tremendously Read more »